Safety on fishing

On winter fishing it is necessary to be rather cautious. Not too seldom there are cases obmorozhenija, and even very serious. It is necessary to remember that at obmorozhenii the first sensations of the victim happen very deceptive: it seems that anything terrible has not occurred. But it is impossible to give in to these illusory sensations, it is necessary to take in time all necessary measures in such cases. At long or strong overcooling there can be a fever - the original form obmorozhenija. On the person, hands swellings, cracks, and sometimes ulcers are formed. In defeat places are felt an itch and pains. In the beginning obmorozhenija it is felt pokalyvanie and skin burning; then there comes sensitivity loss. The skin becomes white or cyanotic colour. In especially hard cases there are the various form and size blisters, ulcers, omertvlenie fabrics, a dry or damp gangrene.

It is necessary to grease the Freezed places with cod-liver oil or goose fat and if is, zverobojnym oil.

In advance to grease the person with various ointments, fat it is impossible. They do not warn, and on the contrary, promote obmorozheniju skin as worsen its thermoregulation. The main thing that rescues in similar cases is warm, easy, convenient and water-proof clothes. During time even not very long, but fast transitions to a place of fishing the person is warmed up, sweats. Some remove at once outer clothing or headdresses. It it is not necessary to do - easily to catch a cold.

Not to catch a cold at transition to a fishing place, (a short fur coat or something another) it is not necessary to put on especially warm clothes. All should be born or carried it with itself on a sledge. First, so to go easier, and secondly, the clothes remains dry and she can be put on, starting catching. In windy weather of fans of ice fishing the dense and easy groundsheet well protects from a penetrating wind. The polyethylene film sewed by a semibag can replace it. Four metres of a film in width about one and a half metre fold double so that at sewing together the bag could turn out. The top part should be cut off in the form of a dome (semicircle) and to sew or stick together a sticky tape, however not to to a bottom, differently it will be inconvenient to fish in such "bag". Near to lunkami fix ledobur. A film establish so that ledobur and the fisherman appear under it - as in tent. That the film was not torn, on a bottom and along the edges of it sheathe a tape or paste over with a sticky tape.

There is an opinion that on a cold warms smoking. Very much the other way - smoking promotes obmorozheniju for the cigarette smoked on an empty stomach causes spasms and stagnation of blood in vessels, that is switches off an internal heater in an organism.

Others take alcohol. It also it is not necessary to do. Here again the order should be at all one: not to take with itself on fishing in the winter, in the summer of any spirits. Except misfortunes, they bring nothing. Alcohol - the big enemy of health of the person and his life. Fans to drink is most often sink and are exposed various prostudnym and to other diseases most. Is better warm coffee or tea.

Especially it is necessary to be cautious in the winter. It is not necessary to push luck and to leave on fishing, when ice still thin. If it already maintains the person it is not recommended to accumulate groups. It is impossible to approach to an ice-hole close: the ice edge can break off. On ice during warm time or even in frosty on a current there can be the gullies opened or closed, with very thin ice touch which sometimes has been filled up by snow. Autumn and spring ice is very dangerous. In the autumn people fail on considerable removal from coast for autumn ice is always stronger at coast more often. In the spring the further from coast, the ice is stronger.

In general the same thickness of ice can have different durability at various temperatures. At low temperature ice is stronger. Hence, at night and in the morning ice is always stronger, in the afternoon and in the evening - is weaker. Old ice is stronger young at an identical thickness. Transparent ice is stronger, than muddy, formed in windy weather or during a snowfall, and at a thickness of 4-5 sm easily maintains the person. The most dangerous ice porous, formed of the frozen together snow. It is necessary to remember that ice at any time winters can be dangerous if in a reservoir warm or hot industrial drains arrive or there are springs, and in the river - a strong current and whirlpools. Under the pressure of vernal floods ice quickly loses durability and falls without warning crackling. It simply caves in and breaks. In the spring pure ice is always stronger. Often gullies are covered korkoobraznymi by touches from snow. To such places to approach dangerously. Especially it is necessary to be vigilant after thaw. If durability of ice raises the doubts, it should be checked up. It is necessary to check not heel blow, and peshnej, a stick or other long subject. For this reason skilled fishers in pervolede and last ice take with themselves not ledobur, and peshnju.

Each fisher should know behaviour rules on ice and rules of self-rescue and rendering assistance by another. If has failed under ice itself, it is necessary not to lose calmness, not to panic, not to do rash movements, it is necessary to get rid of a fishing box, a scoop and other subjects. Hands to stretch in the parties and to try to grasp ice, not to steep. If nearby is peshnja or in the developed working condition ledobur it is necessary to try to reach them. They can serve as a support on fragile ice. At first, when the clothes have not become wet yet and contain air, the person has buoyancy. Therefore it is important to try to get out at once on ice. For this purpose, measuredly working as feet, occupy horizontal position and, being tightened, lay down a stomach or a back on ice. The knife or other sharp subjects which it is necessary will help with such situation available at itself, without hurrying up, but also without delaying, to get. Clinging to ice a knife, a hook or other subject, it is possible to be tightened and move ahead on ice.

It is not possible If to get out, it is necessary to try to spend less than forces, that is simply not to flounder about. The people who have seen you will come to the rescue. It is necessary to know that in the ice water, physically prepared person can freely hold on one-two hour, water near a body is warmed, as water exchange does not occur almost and warmly even through wet clothes not so quickly leaves.

To assist the victim, it is necessary to bring from coast a board, a pole, a cord or a long branch of a tree, a wire, armature, a pipe, say, it is necessary to take everything that will get under hands. If it is impossible to approach to the victim, these subjects should to it be thrown. Is better in such cases the cord on which end do a loop will gain - it will be easier to grasp. But such cord in the fullness of time it can not appear at rescuers. Therefore each fisher at an exit on subglacial fishing in the equipment needs to have long, metres of fifteen, a kapron cord. Before an exit on ice it is necessary to tie with one end of in a belt, to combine a cord rings and to fix somewhere sideways. The second end should be equipped by a metal ring for which it would be possible to be hooked by a hand or any other subject. If itself has got to a trouble it is necessary to try far from itself to throw out on ice the end of a cord with a ring or cargo, towards to hastening to the aid of people.

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