Safety on fishing

If in water there were two or three the main thing - to observe composure and accurate interaction. It is impossible to catch at the neighbour and thus to heat each other. It is necessary to try to help to get out at first to one, then another etc. To call all for calmness, to establish sequence the most cool and skilled person should. The keystone to success only in it.

But here the victim or victims have appeared on ice. To the person who has fainted, do artificial breath and heart massage. In more mild cases to it allow to drink hot tea or coffee, then send in a warm premise where remove and change clothes, and also render other help.

Each fisher-fan should know elementary receptions of first-aid treatment on water. Very often happens that the person can be rescued, but as often happens that the people who have appeared nearby, do not know, how it to make. Character of rendering assistance depends on weight of a condition of the victim. We will consider chances.

The Victim in consciousness: it it is necessary to calm, take off from it wet clothes, to wipe dry a skin, to change clothes.

The Victim without consciousness. But has not lost pulse, breath: he should to allow inhale liquid ammonia, to release a thorax from constraining clothes.

At the victim warm activity and breath have stopped: first of all, delete a liquid from respiratory ways for what assisting becomes on a knee, puts the victim on a hip of the bent foot so that the head and its shoulders have been lowered; then clears an oral cavity of sand, silt and starts carrying out of artificial breath. The mouth in a mouth "and" a mouth in a nose "is considered as the most effective ways of artificial breath". The victim stack, sharply having thrown back it a head. Artificial breath make through a gauze or other fine fabric. At a way "the mouth in a mouth" holds a nose of the victim, at a way "the mouth in a nose" is closed by a mouth. Do inhalation and exhalation. Simultaneously with artificial breath spend heart massage, making after each inhalation three-four pressing by hands a thorax. In any case the body of the victim should be warmed by means of grinding, massage of hands and feet.

And some more councils.

Mosquitoes not too often "attack" the fisherman. However to grasp with itself means against mosquitoes in any case costs. After its application of a hand it is necessary to wash up with soap, differently the smell will be transferred to a nozzle, and fish not begins to peck.

In bright solar weather it is necessary to put on dark glasses that eyes did not get tired.

With itself on fishing it is better to take boiled water or freshening drinks. It is possible to drink and spring pure water. It is impossible to drink river or lake water, in it there can be activators of gastroenteric and other diseases. It is impossible to drink water in the winter from lunki. Arguments of separate fishers in favour of high quality of such water and an assurance that they drank it, and anything with them does not happen, it is not necessary to perceive seriously because, as they say, time on time is not necessary.

Each fisher should have at itself a minimum of medicines, such, as iodine, the hydrogen peroxide, the dissolved potassium permanganate or it kristalliki, borated petrolatum, bandage, an adhesive plaster and others.

The Boat. Many fishers now use boats. Especially the wide circulation was received by inflatable boats. They are compact at transportation, are convenient at storage in house conditions. At the same time with them it is necessary to be able to address. Non-observance of instructions for use can lead to early deterioration of a boat, and sometimes - and to accidents.

Before to inflate just got boat, it is necessary to familiarise with the applied instruction properly. It is impossible a boat perenakachivat, it can not sustain and burst. Especially dangerously it in the summer in solar weather: from heated up and extended air a boat can break off in shreds. At all completely beefy boat if it to leave on the sun, can burst for the same reason. Therefore and ashore, and on water it is necessary to watch, that the boat has not been pumped over, and periodically to let out superfluous air. If the boat is not necessary for some time, it is necessary to let out from it half of air.

It is necessary to know well characteristics of the boat, its load-carrying capacity and not to overload. It is necessary to provide itself and other people who are with you in a boat, saving means: inflatable pillows, the circles, special waistcoats and other. Especially it is necessary to take care of safety of children which the fisher takes with itself in swimming.

Fishing from a boat demands observance of safety measures. Movements at zabrasyvanii tackles and vyvazhivanii fishes by rubber, plywood or other unstable boats should be smooth, not cause rolling. It is not necessary to fuss, bend through a board. To fish in a boat it is necessary sitting, and if there is a necessity to do something standing, it is necessary to choose a steady place and position though by a rubber boat hardly it will be possible to make it.

On the navigable rivers and water basins it is necessary to carry out strictly swimming rules on internal waterways. It is the extremely dangerous to anchor and fish on a waterway. In general it is necessary to steer clear of ship ways, not to cross them and not to come nearer to courts.

On the big reservoirs it is dangerous to be in a boat at a strong wind. Having felt storm approach, it is necessary to float immediately to coast. If you were grasped by a storm it is better to row across a wave for the lateral wave can fill in or turn a boat. To the fisher overtaken in a boat by a bad weather, it is necessary to keep endurance and self-control. It is necessary to direct a boat to the nearest coast, but not to steep and marshy, and to such on which it is possible to get out. If the long journey it is necessary to take advantage of it is more safe: any time is better to waste, than to risk. Well, and if the wave nevertheless has turned a boat, it is not necessary to lose self-controls. It is necessary to grasp a stern of a boat and to float to the nearest coast. If will get to whirlpool and will feel that you tightens, type in lungs of more air, dive more deeply and sharp jerk towards a watercourse leave it.

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