Safety on fishing

In a boat it is impossible to put sharp subjects with which it is possible to cut or pierce it. It is impossible to come nearer also to coast so that the bottom concerned underwater subjects: stones, roots, the rests of old canes and other. Even a pure and equal bottom it is not necessary to concern, especially to drag a boat on coast. There there can be sticking out and not rests of bowls appreciable for an eye, glass, a wire, etc. That is it is necessary to accustom to preserve itself a boat against possible punctures or cuts. On a boat, both during catching, and at transportation, and also at house storage gasoline, kerosene, oil, alkalis and other substances should not get, capable it to damage.

After the catching termination it is necessary to wash out, clear a boat of sand and a dirt. Then in the filled condition to dry. If there is time after outer side drying open valves and let out from a boat air. However do not stack it after that in a cover, and leave for some time for dosushki. It allows to evaporate to any quantity of a condensate which, as a rule, collects in a boat. If ashore there is no possibility to do these procedures it is necessary to make houses.

In inter-season period the boat should be stored in a dry premise, far away from heating devices, it is desirable in the developed condition and slightly in the rolled condition. If it is constantly stored in packing, first, it should be put as it is possible more freely. And secondly, that on bends there were no cracks, periodically the boat should be shifted in a new fashion.

As though is careful we did not concern the boat, from time it wears out. Therefore it is not necessary to suppose, that it has definitively failed. Having filled a boat with air, it is necessary to examine it carefully. Noticed small treshchinki or any other damages follows, without postponing, to repair.

And one more council. To the fishers having inflatable boats, it is necessary to use an anchor. But an anchor each time with yourself from the house to carry inconveniently even if you go on fishing by own car. It takes a lot of place. There is very simple exit: instead of an anchor do a dense bag. In it ashore fill sand or put stones and - the anchor is ready. Upon termination of fishing bag contents leave ashore. And the anchor cord and a bag put together with a boat in a cover.

About a food on fishing.

What foodstuff to take with itself on fishing? It would Seem, and a question idle time, and to answer it not difficultly: usual food according to the tastes, bents, requirements and possibilities.

And still here it is possible to give some councils. First, on fishing alone leave seldom, so much people usually gather, the car how many can contain. Often each of the company takes with itself so much meal that has sufficed on all. Here instead of fishing the feast, moreover, quite often, with binge also turns out. Thus, all those advantages which are given to the person by fishing are crossed out.

Winter day is not long. If still a biting active at times you will not notice how it will fly by. And only gathering, you recollect that there were untouched products grasped with self. But whatever was the biting, to forget about a high-grade food does not follow. And to take with itself on winter fishing a high-grade food is necessary. The thermos with tea or with weak coffee is necessary necessarily. It is desirable to take a thermos all-metal. After drilling lunok it will by all means want to drink. Tea and thirst will satisfy, and will warm. Besides tea it is possible to take sandwiches, fruit, cookies, boiled eggs, cheese and other. To stack products it is desirable not in newspapers and not in polyethylene kulki for all will be rumpled, and not in glass jars which can break, and in rigid (but not and metal - it is oxidised) plastic container. If the box for food it is necessary to allocate in him special branch allows.

Skilled fishers are not afraid of superfluous loading and take with itself kettles, mugs, spoons, plugs, napkins, salt. And directly on ice on special supports on small kerosene stoves - "bumblebees" or on tablets of dry spirit warm up the dinner grasped with self and even cook soup and to an ear. It is much more tasty, than canned food or usual suhomjatka. But in any case of meal it is necessary to take no more and not less, than it is necessary. In the summer, except everything, it is necessary to avoid some perishable food.

And still, if it is possible to do without uhi, what for fishing without it in the summer, without heart-felt conversations at a night fire in the winter? Successful fishing, the good company, an ear with a fire is for a long time remains in memory! No, uhoj it is impossible to neglect in any way! However thus it is impossible to neglect and observance of elementary sanitary-and-hygienic rules. Insufficiently boiled thoroughly or fried thoroughly fish can to lead, for example, to infection of the person with eggs with larvae of various worms which sometimes in a considerable quantity are available for some kinds of fishes. More often those who undresses fish ashore catch. Hands, ware, everything that adjoined to undressed fish, it is necessary to wash carefully for even at good thermal processing of fish of a larva can get to an organism from hands, spoons, bowls. The knowledge of possible danger of infection should not frighten, for the nobility - means to be able to prevent danger.

Fish - delikatesnyj a product. From it in house conditions prepare set of dishes. On fishing, especially short-term, possibility of preparation of dishes is limited to several. Fry fish on a frying pan more often or cook to an ear. Fry fish, having cut with small slices, on sunflower-seed oil. For the taste improvement, fish just removed from a frying pan put in a bowl or a pan and strew grated garlic. A pan or a bowl cover that fish has better become impregnated with a garlick smell. In a word, special cunnings at zharene are not present some fish - business simple. And here preparation fishing uhi is already art.

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