Struggle against infections in reservoirs

It is necessary not to forget that fishes, as well as any other live beings, are not relieved of variety of various parasites. Among them, for example, it is a lot of representatives veslonogih rachkov. Scientists have counted them more than one and a half thousand. There are parasites who settle on different kinds of fishes, others - only on certain kinds. In places of settlement of parasites are the most various sites of a body of fishes. It can be a skin, fins, a mouth, gills, branchiate covers and other. Under the form parasites the diversified, in the sizes - from 0,5 mm to 1 see One freely move on a body of fishes, others are attached to a body or take root into it. Some parasites are similar to worms, others - on bugs or pincers. Worms name lerneidami, bugs - kaligidami, pincers - herpillobiidami. They fasten to a body by means of various bodies. Settling on fishes, parasites exhaust them, corrode a skin, a body, cause an atrophy of respiratory organs, blood circulation change, an anaemia. Corroded rachkami ranki turn in suppurating jazvochki which become a place of penetration into an organism of fishes of different pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi.

Parasitic veslonogie rachki give huge posterity - the quantity made by them rachkov varies from two-three to several hundreds and even thousand. In natural reservoirs number of these parasites not so is great, and in artificial they can create a situation of epidemic and mass  destruction of fishes. There live parasites about one year, produce in this time to ten generations. Winter rachki on a body and do not breed.

Prudovodam-fans should know that the part parasitic rachkov settles not on any fishes. For example, rachki ergazilidy parasitize on branchiate covers only cupids and silver carps, and lernepodidy - on okunevyh, and to other kinds of fishes do not pass. Lernei, arguljusy and others lodge practically on all fishes. At some rachkov parasites are both females, and males (kaligidy), at others - only females (lernei).

How to organise struggle against such and similar parasites? First of all is an observance of elementary sanitary rules. Already it was a question of them. If water is delivered or zakachivaetsja in your pond from natural reservoirs - small rivers, lakes, zaryblennyh ponds it should be passed through the filter for selection of floating parasites and their larvae. Then a pond and water izvestkujutsja. All fishes as we already marked, before start in a pond look round and are sanitary processed.

In struggle against parasites it is necessary to consider and that them is subject to infection, first of all, fish molod. Therefore, if there is a possibility, it should be held separately from adult fishes. Adult individuals should be examined and cleared of parasites constantly. The infected fishes process hlorofosom directly in a pond or in special capacities from calculation 0,4 g on 1 м3 waters at its temperature to 16°С and rigidity rn 8,9. Processing conduct to an outright release of a pond from parasites. To struggle with parasitic rachkami at different stages of their development apply also such medicamentous means, as bright green and violet organic dyes "To", in concentration of 1 mg on 1 l of water at processing within two days.

At detection on fishes lernej it is necessary to raise rigidity of water to 9 units by entering into it not slaked to exhaust from calculation of 100 150 kg on hectare. These requirements are developed for trade rybohozjajstvennyh the areas. As your pond less, make for it the calculations. For clearing of fishes from lernej in water bring also margantsovokislyj kaly in concentration 10 g on 1 м3 waters with landing of the caught fish in this solution on two, two and a half an hour. If concentration to double, processing time can be reduced to a quarter-one and a half of hours.

If in your pond are found out parasitic rachki-arguljusy besides the measures set forth above, use also such reception which is based that rachki eggs "like" to postpone for various subjects. These specially provided and other subjects lowered in water periodically pull out and process strong structure hlorofosa, then them wash out pure water and again lower in water.