Others water and okolovodnye inhabitants

On coast of the rivers very often there are earth hillocks. It is work moles . At night quite often by the light of a lantern or a fire almost through feet of fishers large enough small animals jump. They are rats. On a water smooth surface when will darken, or early at a dawn torpedoes muskrats float. A lot of any living creatures meet to fishers ashore. Of them they are familiar with many well, with others - it is less, and with some - only by hearsay.

To Take at least ordinary a dragon . The majority of them cannot live far from water. And if rats or muskrats to the fisher it nothing to be afraid, the meeting with a snake is no means always safe. The bias is that. And, nevertheless, to kill them it is impossible. They are disappearing and very useful reptiles.

In territory of Russia there are 56 kinds of snakes. Among them 5 not poisonous, but furious, capable to put painful stings, 10 - poisonous which stings can be life-threatening. The others are safe.

There are families uzhej and vipers. Among uzhej - ordinary and water, and also four-strip and zheltobrjuhie polozy, the medical Yankee, eskulapovy snakes. vipers are presented by an ordinary viper and steppe. Their stings are rather painful.

Snakes are very useful - destroy harmful rodents and insects.

Amphibious, are presented by two groups: beshvostym and having a tail. Among them there are tritons and marsh turtles. Quite often in old ponds, plavnjah or other reservoirs on a hook tritons come across. It is not necessary to be afraid of them, though they are very unattractive by sight. It is necessary to unhook cautiously a triton and to release in water. Sometimes on fishing, especially near to thickets of water vegetation, on zhivtsa the turtle comes across. The hook pierces a horn part of a mouth, and to release it happens extremely difficultly: the turtle with the big force involves a head under an armour.

It would be desirable to address once again to fishers, to all who selects a place of the rest coast, - make thrifty use of any amphibious inhabitants.