Artificial baits

To catching of predatory fishes are applied both natural, and artificial baits: blesny, mormyshki, front sights etc., which simulate live small fishes, zhuchkov, front sights. Artificial baits such considerable quantity is known that in them it is easy to get confused not only beginning, but also to very skilled fisher as many blesny, mormyshki have different names though essentially do not differ from each other. We will tell only about some of them.



Blesna . On the sizes and weight blesny there are lungs, average, heavy and very heavy; on character of game in water - rotating, diving, fluctuating and ransacking; to destination - for catching in a plumb (from ice and a boat) and vprovodku (a spinning, a path). On a way of manufacturing blesny happen: stamped, shod, cast. And as cut, simple, difficult, integral, modular. Do blesny of nonferrous metals, a tree, rubber, celluloid, plastic, other synthetic materials. Equip with unary, double and threefold hooks. We will not describe feature of all blesen, it would take too much place. Naturally, at such abundance and a variety blesen not so simply to understand them and to choose approaching and "ulovistye". Therefore it is not necessary to puzzle especially over what blesna "ulovistaja" and what is not present. From practice it is known that same blesna in one reservoirs it appears "ulovistoj", and in others is not present. At inept using any most horoshajablesna can not bring ulova. At the same time some cases when at skilled, more often at the experimenting fisherman fish is caught on everything are known: on the buttons equipped with hooks, nuts and other subjects. Experience of the fisher and observation help it to choose the suitable I will flash and skilfully to use it.

Colour blesen, undoubtedly, plays an essential role. Colouring and furnish blesen should as it is possible to correspond more precisely to colour scale of those small fishes which predators in the given reservoir eat. Some fishers to involve fish during dark time or at muddy water, paint blesny shone structure, for example ФК-106. Before zabrosom them light by means of a small lamp. Duration of a luminescence such blesny - about a half an hour. The fulfilled covering remove and replace new.



Wobblers . Last years about all of them write more and speak. Many fishers are inclined to consider their as one of the best variants blesny for they very precisely copy these or those small fishes or small rodents falling in water. Colour and the form steal up so that at blesnenii wobblers behave in water as the present small fishes. Do wobblers the same as also the others blesny, of the most various materials. Is cigar-shaped or bananoobraznye, is floating, sinking, that is one at rest remain on a water surface or emerge on a surface, others at the conducting termination sink. Recently there were models at which hooks are built in in an artificial small fish from soft rubber or elastic plastic. Many types of wobblers paint, masking under small fishes, cover with a waterproof varnish.