Artificial baits

Concerning critically unduly admired estimations of wobblers, it is necessary to recognise that their many designs favourably differ from others blesen, first of all the buoyancy. Wobblers are the best baits at catching of large predators deeply and on difficult sites with a weak current or without it. It is possible to carry To lacks, perhaps, that "game" of many wobblers is very whimsical, depends on speed of conducting and even from such trifle, as the hooked small blade. Even the small pike, easily tears apart in shreds rubber or from soft plastic wobblers.



Mormyshki . It is special group blesen. Despite a small combined value, they are subdivided: small, average and large. Do them of tin, lead, copper, a brass, silver, glass, stainless steel and from other materials. Hooks vpaivajut differently. Mormyshki happen the diversified forms. "Ulovistost" mormyshki depends on its "game". Sometimes the perch suffices mormyshku at its sharp jumps, and more often - at hardly appreciable fluctuations. The biting goes both near to a bottom, and near to ice, and on average depth. On mormyshki fish also in the summer. As a rule, on a hook nasazhivajut motylja, oparysha, ruchejnika or other small water and land organisms. Mormyshku use and without any nozzle. In that case the fisher should own, so to say, the higher art provotsirovanija fishes ("game" mormyshki).

Some fishers successfully replace in the winter motyl with strips of foam rubber in length of 12-13 mm and width-1,5 of mm. Strips paint with aniline dye in red colour. It is possible to spread slices of a worm on a hook sting.

During winter and even summer fishing combine natural nozzles with the artificial: beads, elastic bands, kembrikom and others. On a hook light mormyshki put on yellow kembrik - a slice of isolation in length 1 - 1,2 mm from telephone or other thin wire, a hook dark mormyshki - white kembrik etc.

Colour or a combination of colours select, experimenting. In the end of winter as a nozzle it is possible to use a slice of black foam rubber in size about a match head. It is useful to apply beads of various colours also. At game mormyshki biserinka should slide freely on tsevju a hook and not slide off it.

Since mormyshki have entered into daily practice of amateur fishery, them has appeared so much, such forms and colouring what, apparently, to think up something new it is simply impossible. But the fisherman in these affairs does not know rest, does not stop. And here already in fishing practice has appeared mormyshka dvuhkrjuchkovaja. The form for it do of a foil in the size about 5х3х2,5 mm and fill in with tin and lead. Hooks vpaivajut a sting upwards, plant in the parties so that they reminded small insect short moustaches. Mormyshku paint with a brown, red or black nitrovarnish. During fishing when the biting considerably weakens or stops, it is possible to change colour mormyshki, having wrapped up its slice of a colour foil from under sweets. The choice of colours very big, time for a wrapper leaves all some seconds, and ulovy increase. To notice any direct communication with colour mormyshki and poklyovkoj it is impossible - at times the biting actively goes on mormyshki the most inconceivable colouring.

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