Artificial baits

It is possible to catch at once in 2-3 lunkah. Before the beginning lova or after calm in a biting in one of lunok lower a fishing tackle with blesnoj. On I will flash, the perch can, and will not peck, but its game will by all means draw attention of predators. And if after a while to lower I will flash on a bottom, and in next lunke to start to catch on mormyshku, as a rule, there and then follows poklevka. In such a way sometimes it is possible to keep for a long time near itself all flight. Periodic top dressing motylem will not prevent also.

Artificial front sights

Artificial front sights

Artificial front sights . It is known that fish, having got used to a life in a certain reservoir and consuming a forage habitual for it, always cautiously concerns occurrence in water of artificial front sights unusual to it and, as a rule, the unfamiliar forage takes reluctantly. Therefore, choosing front sights, it is necessary to consider, what bespozvonochnye prevail in the given reservoir, the river, lake and even on separate sites of these or those reservoirs. That fisher, at which big set of various artificial front sights will achieve bolshego success. If inhabitants of reservoirs are known, it is possible to start catching at once. If are unknown, before the fishing beginning is better to define in water presence of those or other water organisms. For this purpose in thickets of coastal water vegetation a gauze net scoop water and, having allowed to it to flow down, get acquainted with the water inhabitants who have remained in a net.

Artificial front sights are on sale in fishing shops. Many fishers do them. For this purpose it is necessary to get small skill.

Rather sports catching of bleaks and other small riding fish on the artificial butterfly vislokrylku is very fascinating, for example. To make her does not make special work. It is necessary to take a hook № 2,5, napajat on its leg tin in the form of a small droplet and to paint a black nitrovarnish. Wings in the form of a propeller cut out from the most thin polyethylene film and fasten together thin ringlets from a cover of a radio engineering wire. One ringlet takes places on the middle of wings. Then wings develop and passed in other ringlet, leaving it near the first to which adhere a black thin scaffold. Now, if to pass a hook sting under the second ringlet, vislokrylka it will be ready. And that it did not sink at once or did not fall too slowly, it is necessary to change the sizes of wings or to facilitate, having cut off a few tin. In the same way it is possible to make "a flying" ant, thus on tseve a hook it is necessary napajat three tin balls from which, one - "paunch" - should be larger than other balls.

We will not stop on methods of manufacturing of other kinds of artificial front sights. Them is infinite set.

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