Quality of water in reservoirs

While in service a pond there is also such question: whether it is possible to improve quality of water in it? We will tell at once what to do it not only it is possible, but also it is necessary. For this purpose it is necessary proizvestkovat - to bring water about 5 kg to exhaust on 0,01 hectares. Instead of to exhaust it is possible to bring salt, only to take it follows slightly more.

Consultations on these questions also can be received at workers of a nearby fish-breeding economy and even at skilled akvariumistov. The necessary data can be gathered and in the special literature on fish culture.

At operation of ponds it is necessary to watch maintenance of a normal oxygen mode constantly. It is a lot of ways of aeration of water and in each specific case it is possible to find the most suitable. For example, to the person, loving to design, it is possible to establish a wind-driven generator which by means of special privodnoj transfers will twist in water lopastnoe a castor near a pond and thus to aerate water. It is possible to arrive and differently: to the wind wheel established on a mast to attach the compressor which will be through a pipe or small diameter a flexible hose to swing in water air. On the hose end there should be a spray. It is possible to establish near a reservoir and the electric compressor. It is a lot of variants. It is possible to swing by means of the same compressor water from a reservoir in the summer and through a small water sprinkler to return it in a reservoir. In the winter, when there is no a frost, such water sprinkler too can be applied, it is necessary to make only in ice ice-holes for a water drain in a reservoir. If a pond or pool small, m ozhno even to use usual aquarian microcompressors at the rate of one compressor on five cubic metre of water at five sprays, it is quite enough of it during winter time, and the more so - in summer.

Recently began to speak often about water ozonization. In industrial fish culture ozonizers use for treatment of illnesses of fishes and disinfecting of a forage and fishes, for disinfection of subjects being in water and especially spawning areas. Practice shows that thanks to ozonization all vital processes of the fishes improve, therefore the ozonized water often process installed fishes, a plant and other inhabitants of reservoirs. Ozone is well dissolved in water. Possessing the big molecular weight, it falls to the bottom sheets of water and as a result oxidising reactions disinfects water from harmful salts. It is necessary to remember, however, that surplus of ozone in water can appear harmful and even dangerous to useful bacteria, organisms, plants. Therefore to include ozonizers it is necessary for the shortest time - in a small pond, for example, no more than on half an hour. It is better to include them twice a day on smaller quantity of time.

The Ozonizer can be got in shops. There are ozonizers aquarian, and is and for the big water areas. The ozonizer can be made and most. For the sample it is necessary to take an aquarian ozonizer, having made it bolshej capacity and the big sizes. In particular, it is possible to take a two-electrode mercury lamp of type ДРП-125 which is usually applied according to streets. With the help stekloreza a glass flask to cut off at the socle and to remove. The torch then is located in a glass jar in volume in four-five litres and is closed by a plastic cover with an asbestine lining and apertures in a cover for giving of air and an ozone exit. Through a cover two contacts for consecutive connection of devices in the electric system through a throttle are outside deduced.