As in house conditions to organise smoking of fish

There are two ways of smoking: hot and cold. Smoking is propityvanie a product a smoke. To organise smoking of fish in house conditions, it is necessary to understand, first of all, an essence of this process, technology of smoking, and then already necessary for smoking you do all or we will get.

So, at any way of smoking fish is salted. In zasol the fish processed or raw, that is crude is started up. However it is better to process fish - to cut out a gill, to draw. It is not necessary to remove scales. The Trade dress of work with scales is better, and the skin at the use of fish in food well separates from meat. Rather posola fishes are raznorechivye recommendations. One experts assert that for normal salting enough one table spoon of salt on one kg of fish, in salt fish is maintained not less than five hours. Other authors urgently recommend on kg of fish 100-150 g salts and to maintain fish under oppression within 14-16 hours per a cool place. The third advise to place fish at five-six o'clock in a 10 percent solution of salt. The fourth - fish maintain in a 12 percent solution of salt within 10-20 days.


Difficultly with these experts to argue, without having a private experience. Therefore begin with its acquisition by trial and error. However, not always it is obligatory to study only on the errors, it is possible and it is necessary to consider another's errors. Much, for example, had to use in food or to see incorrectly salted and prokopchennuju fish. Such fish under scales has dense congestions of salt. It - peresol. If peresol it is admitted in relation to fat fish, that, besides clots of salt, fabrics of fish will crumble, its colour will be rusty.

It is necessary to remember, what even the largest fish can normally be salted for one days. For this purpose it all is fallen asleep by salt in not oxidised and corrosion-proof ware and nestles oppression before full immersing of fish in a hydrochloric brine. As oppression any heavy cargo undertakes, the stone which should be wrapped up a polyethylene film suits even. If fish very fat, for example, rybets or tolstospinnaja on her back cross-section or longitudinal cuts become. In a day fish is taken out from a brine, washed out under a stream of water and hung out in a shade on well aired place for podsushki and provjalivanija. Well salted and washed out fish has no unpleasant smell and a fly on it, as a rule, do not pay attention. But nevertheless it is better to protect it from importunate flies. To dry fish it is necessary before removal of a superfluous moisture so that it better prokoptilas. For this purpose it is required depending on weather from one day about several days.

At hot smoking in the special furnace or the chamber the temperature about plus 50°С is created, and depending on weight of fish it becomes impregnated with a smoke within 25-30 minutes. In the usual furnace smoke till two o'clock. Golden colour testifies to readiness of fish, meat becomes friable and easily separates from a skin. If fish strongly collapses and from it fat you have exceeded a temperature mode or longer flows than it is necessary smoked. If fish viscous, bitter on taste, means, you not dokoptili or have simply spoilt it.

At cold smoking smoking process is stretched at many o'clock, and even days. A heat the good smoke here is not so necessary, necessary. After smoking fish is hung out in a shade for provjalivanija.

At that and other way of smoking it is necessary to remember always measures on neutralisation of larvae of parasites which can appear in fish. At hot smoking they will be lost at temperature 50°С for that time while fish is smoked. At cold smoking they will be lost, if fish to sustain in a strong solution of salt one days, but in that case after smoking it is necessary completely or to dry up fish strongly. If after smoking you do not intend to dry up fish strongly it is necessary to maintain it in salt some days.