As in house conditions to organise smoking of fish

Any fish suits smoking, certainly, one kind will be more tasty another.


Now that is necessary for smoking. Naturally, it is necessary to bake. In the furnace grid-irons on which stones sometimes keep within are arranged. Above stones lattices for fish are established. As fire wood use an oak, an aspen, a poplar, an alder and others. The main thing that fire wood was not resinous breeds of trees. It is possible even to use a birch, only it is necessary to remove from it a bark preliminary. After the furnace is strongly heated, grid-irons are heated, on lattices fish keeps within, the flue is blocked also fire extinguished. On decaying coals alder sawdust, gnilushki is filled, branches of a juniper without needles, a sage, a wormwood, zveroboja or other grass for improvement of flavouring qualities are put. To bake completely after that it is closed for demanded time, and fish is possible to standard.

Many, however, last years have refused the stationary furnace as in city conditions it not always can use, and have passed to smoking of products in portable metal (tin) boxes. The same principle. The box becomes high, taking into account the size of hanging fish. It is possible to do a box and not so high if fish not to suspend, and to put on specially established, on lattice arms. On a box bottom are filled gnilushki and sawdust, it is desirable from an alder, but it is possible and from breeds of other trees. After that above sawdust on arms the pallet for the gathering, flowing down fat is established. Still fish or as we already spoke is above suspended, lattices on which it keeps within are put. The box cover is closed, and it is put on one or two torches of a gas cooker, or on a fire. The box bottom is heated, sawdust starts to decay and impregnate with a smoke fish.

At hot smoking fire should warm in regular intervals a box so that the part of fish has not burnt slightly. Heating to 50°С depending on weight of fish carry out usually for 10-50 minutes. That from koptilni there was a superfluous moisture, a cover it is necessary in the end of process for some time to open.

At cold smoking sawdust and gnilushki at first well kindles, then stacks fish for smoking, closes a cover koptilni and removes it from fire, puts on the earth or on a support before full cooling of a box, then process is repeated some times, even by some days, without leading up temperature to level at which fish will cook. But it is better to make all the same for cold smoking from the chamber of burning of sawdust, shavings or fire wood a special flue in other chamber where the fish intended for smoking will take places. The smoke thus should not be late in koptilnoj to the chamber, and come to light. Practice will help you to become skilled experts of smoking of fish.

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