As it prepares, this special - fishing an ear?

The Main condition which should be observed by all means is that ear was not similar to fish soup which prepares at city table or some restaurants and is called "as fishing uhoj" or is simple "uhoj". Preparation of such fish soup - the big ability does not demand: to polish some potatoes, to throw them in a pan with water, to put there a piece svezhemorozhenoj cods or mackerels, - here "ear" and it is ready. Many tried such dish. Yes, it can be in own way tasty. But it nevertheless - not an ear. An ear should be welded in the open air, on a fire with a smoke.

Some experts at preparation uhi throw in a copper a potato, an onions, a nettle, cabbage, pepper, fennel and still something, even green plums or apricots, and thus assert that their ear the most tasty. And, the main thing, sitting ashore at a fire, burning just prepared fragrant dish, you find it really exclusively tasty and sincerely you thank the inventive cook. But here you in the new company, and having tried uhi, welded under other recipe, again you come to a conclusion that anything is more tasty before not edal. In what a secret? Simply that ashore, in the open air any food and the more so an ear, it seems tasty.

Here one more recipe very tasty uhi. A small small fish clean, deleting gills, but, without removing scales, stack in a kettle, fill in with water, fill with spices (salt, an onions, pepper) and cook on weak fire to readiness (when crystalline lenses of eyes at fishes become white). It usually occupies 10-15 minutes. Then a broth filter through a gauze and, stirring slowly, pour in there fiber of one egg. And when the broth will settle, it is necessary to merge again it in a pure kettle, having left a deposit at the bottom.

Present fishing an ear from a trifle it will be possible wonderfully well if in received broth to put a little the cut potato, a bay leaf, and in 15 minutes after the boiling beginning - pieces of the cleared and washed up large fish, for example a perch, a pike perch. Then the ear again should put to cook in the closed ware, and in 15 its minutes it is necessary to remove from fire. In an ear it is possible to add slices of a lemon and fennel to taste.

And still there are recipes which have already settled and used by the majority of preparation uhi, including well-known the threefold. But even it is not obligatory to adhere to these recipes very much strictly. Art consists in that, using that managed to catch and prepare, weld excellent the ear.

Some assert that for uhi any fish suits not. It is not true: everyone suits, but necessarily fresh. But it is better to cook to an ear from okunkov, ruffs, gudgeons and other "sweet" fish. This small fish clean, but scales do not remove, it gives a gain and taste. Caviar, a bubble and fat ribbons leave in fish or put in a copper separately. To clean fish it is necessary cautiously that at removal not to crush a bilious bubble. It is impossible to put fish in boiled water. The less than water, the an ear is more tasty, navaristee. But to cook, certainly, it is necessary so much that to all has sufficed much. It is not necessary to remove foam, she will disappear, as soon as ear will be ready. After the termination of cooking fish take out, prisalivajut. A broth submit separately from fish, having filled with pepper, fennel and green onions. However in the conditions of fishing it is not always observed. It is necessary to test itself in a role of the cook, for ear which has prepared itself, always the most tasty.