Molluscs, bloodsuckers and frogs

Bloodsuckers . Not each fisher-fan, sitting down with a fishing tackle ashore, well imagines the underwater world with all its inhabitants who sometimes cannot exist the friend without the friend.

On coast the huge bloodsucker Here has in the morning crept out and has safely moved directly to bare feet of the fisher. And that, having caught sight of "animal" moving in its party, searches nearby for a stick to knock down it not only not terrible and not only harmless, but also very useful being. This fisherman would know that else more recently for people it was difficult to present itself treatment for many illnesses without bloodsuckers, would not become so prejudicedly them to concern. And now, despite scientific and technical progress which for some time has superseded bloodsuckers the supermodern preparations, interest to them again is observed. Scientists by various experiments and analyses have come to a conclusion that the main secret of bloodsuckers consists - in their saliva which contains unique components. And again all is wider and wider than a steel to resort to "services" of bloodsuckers at treatment of diseases of heart, a hypertension, a thrombophlebitis, for restoration of blood circulation after surgical intervention, at plastic operations etc.

However, speak, not all bloodsuckers concern medical bloodsuckers. But who from us with full confidence will distinguish a medical bloodsucker, from not the medical? And even if there was to us ashore and not a medical bloodsucker also it it is not necessary to offend. Who knows, can be through any time will is proved that this "not medical" will appear most that on is the medical. So let lives.

Frogs . All well know frogs, repeatedly met these amphibious. But it is frequent knowledge of people of frogs, their way of life are rather approximate. Meanwhile the role of frogs, as well as many other amphibious, in balance maintenance in the nature is great enough.

Among frogs many hybrid forms and colour variations, however, all of them basically are subdivided into frogs, zherljanok and toads. The majority of these amphibious is very useful.

So, for example, kvaksha - one of the most interesting frogs very extended in woods. Eats spiders, bugs, bugs, caterpillars, other wreckers, wood plantings and agricultural crops. By means of suckers on pads it climbs on bushes and trees. Throws caviar in wood pools and bogs. Or to take a small kind of frogs - chesnochnitsu. It also hunts on wood edges, in wood, in kustarnikovyh thickets, on kitchen gardens. Eats slugs, hearts, bugs-zhuzhelitsami, dolgonosikami, listoedami, earth-boring dung beetles etc. The grassy frog which way of life is in many respects similar to a way of life kvakshi and chesnochnitsy is very useful also.

50-60 percent of food of other frogs, especially such large as lake, prudovaja, nimble, ostromordaja, harmful insects though lake and prudovaja frogs in a significant amount can eat and malkov fishes, both caviar, and tadpoles of the relatives, and even baby birds, lounge-lizards and amphibious also make. But in any case of harm they bring less, than advantage. The big advantage is brought also by toads who, at first sight seem some unattractive and with which in the people even are connected bad poverja. These amphibious destroy a considerable quantity of wreckers of agriculture. ZHerljanki, the small frogs similar to toads, differ red, yellow or other colouring of a paunch. They also eat a considerable quantity of harmful insects, especially mosquitoes.

At the same time and at frogs it is a lot of enemies. For example, to fishers well-known the big brilliant green fly. And so the female of such fly can postpone to 800 eggs. The fly, ready to postpone egg, starts to creep or flicker before a frog, provoking it to that that has swallowed it. The fly perishes, but thus it appears for a frog deadly: eggs start to develop, larvae which then from within eat a frog grow from them.

And tadpoles fishes, tritons, cancers, bokoplavy, bugs-plavuntsy, and also larvae of various water insects, waterfowls eat Caviar of frogs. Frogs fall prey of the birds of prey, many wood animals, uzhej and a dragon.

In some countries, especially in the Western Europe, South East Asia, America, are engaged in mass catching of frogs for their use in cookery. However, not all frogs for this purpose approach. In the North America, for example, use in food a frog-bull having length to 20 sm, in Europe - only a large green frog. The great demand on frogs is defined by fine gastronomic qualities of their meat which to taste and nutritional value can be compared to the veal meat and chicken. An edible part of a frog - only okorochka the pads, cleared of a skin. In many countries specialised farms are engaged in cultivation of food frogs. There are attempts of creation of such farms and in our country.

Thus, frogs - very useful animals. However them becomes ever less. Reduction of number of frogs is connected not only with  destruction from natural enemies of these animals, but also with pollution of reservoirs by household and industrial sewage. Destruction of wreckers of agriculture by chemical preparations also leads to death of frogs for these wreckers are food of the last. The polluted water especially harms to caviar and molodi frogs. The considerable quantity of frogs, especially pervogodkov, perishes during wintering, live there are units. There are also other reasons of sharp reduction of number of frogs. Therefore also it would be desirable to address to all fishers and fans of the nature: do not throw a stone in a frog, do not kill her. It is necessary to us, is necessary to all nature. Explain it to people surrounding you.

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