We have constructed a pond, what fish in it to instal

So, the sadovo-country co-operative society is located on river bank., Of course, and it is impossible to think up the best. Participants of co-operative society are happy, because there is a possibility to combine, as they say, pleasant with the useful. In the evening or on morning zorke in the days off it is possible to sit with a fishing tackle ashore nearby to the site.

And how to be what sadovo-country sites are located somewhere far from the river, on sklonovyh the earths, near a ravine or a beam? An exit here one - to construct a dam, to make a pond and to occupy its fishes. If nearby there are cultural or other reservoirs, on a contract basis to grow up fish in corfs. It will be favourable both to the owner of a reservoir, and co-operative society, and a society.

Now many enterprises have constructed for the collectives ponds as part-time farms. The same desire is stated also by members of sadovo-country co-operative societies. There are even many enthusiasts who would like to make a small reservoir on the personal plot or near to it. But not all know, how it to make.

And meanwhile experience such is. Now many sadovo-country co-operative societies in the most various ends of the country build ponds which are successfully used for amateur fish culture. So, for example, in Moscow Region, about station Povarovo of the October railway, members of sadovo-country co-operative society have partitioned off a ravine and have constructed a pond the area of 3 hectares. The pond is filled with thawed snow. In a dam there is a mine spillway. In this pond the pike, a crucian and other fish is grown up.

In village Shapilovo situated near Moscow near Zagorsk the private reservoir in which the owner all-the-year-round receives live fish is created. In the decorative purposes the pond bottom is laid out by a pebble and small multi-coloured cockleshells, there are islets of water plants. Along a pond the flower bed is broken, paths are strewed by small gravel. And it is a lot of such examples.

In each specific case they can be others. It is necessary to get only in the nearest rybhoze a material, and the pond is ready. The pond is filled or ground water if it lies down superficially from a surface, or water deliver. It is necessary to feed fish, and water in the winter under ice to aerate.

In periodicals conversation on creation on the personal plot or near to it in a hole, a ravine for a long time already is had, on a bog or others neudobjah an artificial reservoir, a small pond in which it would be possible dorashchivat or to plant any unpretentious fishes. Now about such ponds writes magazine "Priusadebnoe an economy" And it must be said that reader's interest to them does not weaken. On the contrary, after acceptance of some the important documents regulating individual work, stimulating development priusadebnogo economy, and also ponds of collective using, this interest has considerably increased.

the Pond with glinjannym the lock

the Pond with glinjannym the lock

And here an example. The reservoir in a court yard has been dug the small: 4 on 8 m, depth - of 2 m. have started to dig the Pond an ordinary shovel in the end of November and by the winter have finished. Walls have been made not vertical, but inclined that were not showered, and a short flight of stairs: on different depth - different conditions: let fishes, cancers and plants choose a place "at own discretion". That water did not leave a reservoir in the earth, round it clay "lock" has been made, that is on all perimetre on half-metre from edges the ditch by depth 60 is dug see In this ditch have hammered kolja from a live willow and a willow, have bound loznjakom - the fence has turned out. In a ditch fell asleep clay and have stamped. The wattle fence has got accustomed and for a summer has grown on one and a half metre. Water sources nearby was not, therefore a reservoir have filled with thawed, rain and imported water. In a reservoir and on its coast have planted air, chastuhu, kaluzhnitsu and other water plants. The first the reservoir was occupied by toads, crucians silver and golden, gudgeons, verhovki, goltsy, cancers have been then started. Danger of "overpopulation" in such reservoir is absent, as number of inhabitants samoreguliruetsja. "New settlers" have well accustomed, breed. The author However, informs, first two years water left also fish gibla in the winter. It was necessary namorazhivat ice in the thickness at 10-12 Ice see adheres to coast and when the water level falls, the ice cover turns to an original roof under which the steam-air space is formed, and water does not freeze. Besides, in ice do lunki for access of fresh air and to a reservoir add, fresh water. This reservoir exists many years.