We have constructed a pond, what fish in it to instal

a pond Hothouse

the hothouse-pond Scheme: 1 - an aluminium foil; 2 - a covering from a polyethylene film; 3 - solar beams; 4 - a water condensate; 5 - a grid with a food waste; 6 - water steams; 7 - organic fertilizers

One more rather curious experience of building and operation priusadebnogo a reservoir of the hothouse form Is resulted, to be exact, the whole economy on the basis of a reservoir the area only 20 м2 and depth about 0,3 m. Over a reservoir on an easy wooden skeleton in diameter of 5 m will pull a polyethylene dome. Under a dome tomatoes, cucumbers, a pumpkin and other vegetables grow. Here electric illumination for autumn and winter twilight time is established. During warm time green plantings receive necessary light from the sun which well passes through a film. For improvement of reception of solar beams on a dome North side sheets of an aluminium foil which accept beams are strengthened and reflect on a pond and vegetable cultures that creates additional heating and illumination. When outside air temperature, say, plus 7°С, in a hothouse plus 24°С. Evaporating water is condensed and flows down on an internal wall of a dome on beds with vegetables. The owner of a pond plants a small small fish - somika-pimeloda. The small fish eats water vegetation and a forage of an animal origin. Over a pond it is established metal resheto on which put a various food waste. Larvae of flies constantly breeding in them fall through a grid in water and become a valuable forage for fishes. On the bank of a pond the pump which is pumping over water through the special filter, filled with small plastic balls is established. The filter clears water of products of ability to live of fishes. Bacteria which transform a waste in soluble in water of salt of the nitrogen, valuable mineral fertilizers more thickly develop in it. A deposit from the filter periodically take and bring in soil under vegetables. The water enriched by nitrogen, again comes back in a pond, promoting development of seaweed - a forage for somika.

These examples eloquently speak well for building of subsidiary ponds. We will result some more councils which could help at the beginning to those who has decided to get a pond.

the Pond postrennyj in a ravine

the Pond postrennyj in a ravine

The Place for building of a pond by the enterprises as a part-time farm or sadovo-garden co-operative societies actually does not get out. The unsuitable earths for agriculture are used, mainly: zakustarennye beams and ravines, open-cast mines, others neudobja. Pond building in any open-cast mine or a ravine demands less expenses and it is economically more favourable. Here only it is necessary to plan the basis and in some cases to construct a dam. But it is possible to go and on more laborious works, say, to dig a foundation ditch or to do otsypku dams on all perimetre of a pond.

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