We have constructed a pond, what fish in it to instal

Presence sandy, calcareous or others filtrirujushchih gruntov through which water can leave in the earth should not frighten Builders of a pond. In such cases it is necessary to consult to experts and to spend at the bottom corresponding ukrepitelnye works. Before filling of a pond with water a bottom it clear of the vegetation, extraneous subjects, stones, dust, spend a lay-out.

the Spillway with lateral slivom

the Spillway with lateral slivom: 1 - a drain threshold; 2 - the drain channel; 3 - entrance ogolovok; 4 - the bringing channel; 5 - nagornaja a ditch; 6 - a trigger pipe; 7 - a drain slope; 8 - separate walls; 9 - a basis rybozashchitnogo utrojstva; 10 - a dam; 11 - a ground or siphon floodgate

The Dam is better to build in that place of a ravine, where it narrower, and slopes more abrupt. The dam can be earthen or concrete that will demand, of course, the big expenses. For descent of water or the admission storm and flood waters it is necessary to do spillways. As it to do how to build a pond - behind consultation in this respect it is possible to address in nearby rybhoz, to experts-melioratoram. These processes are in detail described in textbooks, and we on them will not stop. We will state some recommendations.

If nearby from the future pond cattle-breeding farms, the enterprises using water for technical needs, or the fields intensively processed by herbicides or other chemicals it is desirable to think of that poison gases together with storm and other sewage did not get to a pond are located. For this purpose it is necessary to dig out in pond top a foundation ditch-water-collecting sump where will flow down these waters, and also - channels or the special drainage devices which are originating in top of a pond and coming to an end behind a pond, below a dam. These roundabout channels should be under construction so that the water which is flowing down from slopes, did not get to a pond.

For building small priusadebnogo a pond of expenses it is required much less, than for collective. If near to a kitchen garden there is neudobja, a waste ground not used in the economic purposes there it is possible to dig a dredge a foundation ditch for filling with water. This reservoir can be complex appointment: for dorashchivanija or cultivations of fish; in the aesthetic purposes; for cultivation of geese, ducks; for cultivation of nutrias; poliva a kitchen garden.

If the earths marshy or rehumidified in a reservoir it is not necessary to deliver water, it arrives from a ground and a pond wall in that case it is not necessary to revet. However, experience will show then - it is necessary to do facing or not. If the water level is changeable and to decrease so that the pond can dry up and fish in it to be lost, that, certainly, it it is necessary to revet, lay a film or other material on a bottom.

the Pump a column

the Pump a column with land placing: 1 - a piston rod; 2 - the valve; 3 - the piston; 4 - otmostka; 5 - the valve; 6 - obsadnaja a pipe; 7 - a soaking up pipe

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