We have constructed a pond, what fish in it to instal

Is better to make, of course, a pond in capital execution with concrete or ferro-concrete walls and a bottom. Such pond can be an original work of art. It can give any form, any profile, with deepenings, steps, banks, underground niches etc. All depends on the location of a pond, other conditions and taste of the owner. However in any case it should not look a usual ditch. Even if the pond will be used only in the economic purposes, say, that in it ducks floated, and water went on having watered a kitchen garden and in that case it should be well issued and well-groomed. During winter time it is possible to warm, close, warm a pond.

Is better to do a reservoir with sites of different depth. On small sites water is better gets warm, develops zoo- and a phytoplankton which is a natural forage for fishes is better. Different fishes will keep on the different depths, different water plants also will select different depths.

Shtangovyj the pump

Shtangovyj the pump in obsadnoj to a pipe: 1 - a bar; 2 - a water elevating pipe; 3 - the valve; 4 - the piston; 5 - the valve

Plants land in a ground which keeps within on terrasnyh deepenings or in the special containers lowered on a bottom. The terraces intended for landing of water plants, become not equal as a bench, and are framed with concrete sides that the earth was not washed away and did not fall on the bottom steps or a bottom.

The Sizes of a pond in house conditions depend on presence of a place and other conditions. If to speak about cultivation or dorashchivanii fishes the pond in the size in ten square metres is sufficient. At intensive technology it is possible to remove good enough "crop" of fish which will suffice not only for a family table from such area, but also the part can be realised it.

to What fish to prefer.

Selecting fishes for installation and cultivation, it is necessary to consider, first of all, that circumstance that some of them are unpretentious, for example, a crucian, a carp, a tench and others. One of them live in benthonic sheets of water - a crucian, a tench, vjun, golets. Others - in top and the water middle class - verhovka, small fry, ram, krasnoperka. Therefore at a choice of fishes it is necessary to start with available conditions and a forage reserve which you can create for the fishes. And secondly, it is necessary to be guided by those which life and technology of cultivation more all is studied. Thirdly, it is necessary to consider, what fishes are the most easier for getting in the given district for landing in a pond. However, for the sake of interest it is possible to plant in the pond and those fishes who are a little studied, behind them it will be possible to observe, learn their "character" and requirements. At the same time some conditions all the same need to be considered. What for, for example, to go on an extreme measure and to instal belugu which for the long life can reach length of five metres and weight - to one ton? As malkov some this fish not to find, it is on the verge of disappearance and on it lov the absolute prohibition is imposed. Same concerns and variety of other fishes, such, as, say, kaluga, a sturgeon, sevrjuga, a thorn, a salmon and some other.

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