We have constructed a pond, what fish in it to instal

Very interesting fish from the point of view of co-operative prudovodstva is vjun , unpretentious to an inhabitancy. The movements and the form of a body it is similar to a snake. At it unlike goltsa - 10 short moustaches round a mouth. Along a body pass three black strips.

One more kind of a forage for predators - shipovka . It also is undemanding to living conditions, eats small ground organisms. Food for other fishes is also the stickle-back trehiglaja and devjatiiglaja.

It is especially useful to a house pond in which there live predators, gorchak . He demands for itself(himself) the only stipulation - in a pond there should live cockleshells - perlovitsy, bezzubki. With their help it breeds.

In a pond it is possible to grow up bull-calves and ruffs . But these small fishes are competitors of valuable fishes for also eat malkami and caviar.

However we will return to fishes trade. Good vselentsami can be chukuchanovye: macrostomatous, malorotyj and black buffalo which are not so exacting to dwelling and food conditions.

From family karpovyh fishes for installation in a pond the silver carp, a cupid white, black, a chub approach. Certainly, it is necessary to provide them with comprehensible conditions for dwelling. There is doubt concerning cultivation in ponds and other reservoirs of the others karpovyh some no fishes, such, as gustera, elets, a crucian, a carp, krasnoperka, leshch, a tench, small fry. And as podust, rybets, sinets, ram, the man with a big moustache, jaz ...

However, travojadnye fishes under any conditions can be interesting object prudovodstva. The experts conducting researches of structure of food rastitelnojadnyh of fishes in pridunajskih lakes, have come to a conclusion that intensity of their food entirely depends on a water temperature and a season of year. Optimum temperature for their food - 18-24°C. With approach of autumn cold snaps their "appetite" decreases. During winter time as has shown the analysis, rastitelnojadnye fishes almost do not eat.

At joint cultivation godovikov white a silver carp with dvuhletkami a motley silver carp the competition in food is absent. For satisfaction of its requirements it is necessary for a motley silver carp not less than 5 g a zooplankton on each litre of water. The white silver carp most of all consumes detrit. On the second place it has seaweed. From organisms prevail kolovratki. In food of a white cupid meet basically makrofity - young runaways of a reed, rogoza, rdesta, and also seaweed and a zooplankton.

In ponds it is possible to try to grow up and plant leshcha . Leshch - gregarious fish. The most active time of a food - at night and in summer months. Leshch reaches a sexual maturity on the third-fourth, and happens - on the fifth and sixth years of a life. nerestitsja begins in April and continues till July on shoal. Caviar postpones for vegetation not closely, and it is absent-minded. Caviar small, yellowish colour. In prudovyh conditions leshcha it is not difficult to provide with all necessary for the good maintenance.

If you manage to catch in small river molod, a sazan or to get it at fishermen by all means try to "cultivate" it. The sazan quickly enough grows, a sexual maturity in a mass order reaches on the fourth-fifth year of a life. Average fruitfulness - 500 thousand berries. For ikrometanija chooses deaf persons shallow, well warmed up sites. It is easy to provide a sazan with all necessary.

Beautiful fish - a carp . Its body is covered by large is dark-golden scales. Under natural conditions and the big reservoirs it well grows and grows fat. Now fish breeders deduce many versions of the carp adapted for these or those local conditions.

Very undemanding to dwelling conditions is - a gold crucian . He lives in oozy places where it is a lot of ooze and a various water grass, in maloprotochnyh and stagnant waters. In ponds and house conditions except traditional food of a crucian it is possible to feed up skoblenym meat, various porridges, other products. nerestitsja a gold crucian in the spring and in the summer up to August at a water temperature not more low 14°С. Caviar throws among water vegetation.

Exclusively high prisposobljaemostju to dwelling conditions possesses - a crucian silver . This he deserves paramount attention of prudovodov-fans though it grows in the majority slowly. A sexual maturity reaches at four-year age at weight 250 g and to length of a body - approximately 21 Average fruitfulness of a female - 100 thousand berries see. nerestitsja since April prior to the beginning of July. Caviar postpones on a small place among water vegetation. Feed him in ponds with the same, as a gold crucian. In prudovyh conditions is the most good object for cultivation. Thus it is necessary to consider that quickly-tall crucians are now deduced many.

Ram also can be one of the most good objects ryborazvedenija in ponds. Its rate of increase is intensive enough. trehletki can reach length of 20 sm and weight of 180 Fruitfulness reaches 110 thousand berries. Its maintenance in house conditions does not make the big work.

Small fry - one of the most numerous fishes of many water basins and lakes. nerestitsja when water will get warm to 8-10°С. For spawning, gathers in flights and postpones caviar for shallow vegetation. Malki vyklevyvajutsja through one, two weeks. The small fry is fed, beginning more close to sunrise and approximately to ten o'clock in the morning, and then - from 16 o'clock before dark. Eats all year long.

We have resulted only some data, and on a small amount of fishes. We believe that fish breeders-fans can make a choice. It is necessary to find out only where to get vselentsev, or as fish breeders name, a landing material and as them to deliver to destination. Fans-fish breeders should interest and such questions: what it is necessary to make for conducting prudovogo economy on an intensive basis what density of landing of fishes should be without damage to their normal development?

As conducting major factors prudovogo economy on an intensive basis it is possible to name fertilizer of ponds, cultivation of fishes in polyculture, more dense landing and good feeding.

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