National signs about weather

Live barometres . It is noticed that different fishes at various times behave differently. So, the catfish, as a rule, loves deep places and holes. However before a bad weather it, as well as vjun, often rises to a water surface and then he can be seen. Probably, these habits of large moustached black predators also have generated in ancient times poverja about the water.

Before a rain and a thunder-storm at insects from damp air wings grow heavy, they therefore fly low over water. At this time bleaks and other riding fish jump out of water. Splashes force down insects, and they fall prey some fishes.

Weather changing can be defined and on aquarian small fishes. If they float e the water surface, means, the bad weather is expected. And if they rummage at the bottom in sand - there will be a good weather, good fishing.

On behaviour of earthworms also it is possible to define weather. Before a thunder-storm or a bad weather they start to coil and not to jump out almost from banok. As soon as the thunder-storm will pass, hearts again become quiet.

To be to a bad weather or good weather to the skilled fisher can prompt trees, bushes, grasses. Many, for example, saw a low grass - zvezdchatku which since spring till the autumn blossoms small white asterisks. This grass still name a wood louse for it even in solar weather happens damp. If this grass to nine o'clock in the morning does not rise also its flowers will not reveal, it is necessary to expect a rain. The good weather forecaster is and vjunok field. Before a rain it densely closes white-pink florets, and on the eve of a sunny day even in cloudy weather will necessarily open them. The red clover known for all before a storm extends the stalk vertically. And here the violet before a thunder-storm is bent, low bowing to the earth. On suhodolnyh glades and hills always the meteorological duty the hare cabbage regularly draws. If it for the night does not close the pink or red petals - means, the rain in the morning will go. The petals of the hare cabbage closed in the evening - a sign of good weather.

other live barometres Here is how behave, forecasting the weather.

Good weather. Midges and mosquitoes are twisted by a column - to good weather in the evening. Splashes in fish in the afternoon and in the evening - steady weather without any precipitations. Larks hang in the sky and sonorously sing - to good weather without any precipitations. Seagulls sit down on water - before a calm weather. If during a rain start to sing birds, and seagulls sit down on water - the rain will soon stop, there will come good weather. In the evening of a swallow fly highly - to a steady fair weather. If in the middle of July the cuckoo continues to cuckoo, the summer will be good and long. Pigeons razvorkovalis - to heat. Birds sit down on tops of trees - to heat.

Thaw . A bullfinch under a window raspelsja - to thaw. Expect thaw if during a fiber frost leaves a hollow and goes down from a tree.

the Rain . The water-lily is closed - to be to a rain. The maple "cries" - by a rain. Flowers exude a strong smell - by a rain. More strongly, than usually, the acacia and a jasmin, gillyflowers and a petunia smell, over them the set of insects - by a rain is twisted.

Night dew does not dry out - to be to a thunder-storm. Mosquitoes bite all the day long - by a long rain. Bloodsuckers appear ashore - by a long rain. Daws and ravens shout - by a rain. Early in the morning it is not audible a lark - by a rain. Sparrows bathe in a dust - to be to a rain.

the Bad weather . Wood rustles without a wind - to unstable weather. TSvetki malvy, nails, have combined petals, were inclined and as if uvjali - to a bad weather. The dog rolls in snow - to a blizzard. Swallows low fly over water - by a rain and a wind. Wood has become silent - to be to a thunder-storm.

the Frost . The cat was curtailed by a ball - to a frost. Geese clap wings, lift under itself one foot - to a frost. A raven hides a beak under a wing - to an icy cold.