Nozzles, baits, prikormki

Beginning conversation on nozzles, baits, prikormke, it is impossible to bypass a theme of use of foodstuff on fishing. Foodstuff on fishing is not opening of our time, and ancient tradition. Nevertheless, everyone who fishes, should be extremely economical, remember that successful fishing depends not on quantity of the used material, and from its rational and skilful application. And it is necessary to use, as a rule, not a foodstuff, and their waste.

All fishers - fans use nozzles and baits natural or artificial, animal or vegetative. And all skilled fishers well know that for successful catching of the majority of fishes it is necessary to "lure" a place where fish is caught. However the purpose prikormki - to involve fish in a catching place, instead of to sate it. Prikormku sometimes do on the eve of fishing, for a day or two. During catching also throw in water of sterns of a vegetative or animal origin. If the fisher leaves on the same reservoir it should fish in strictly certain, well lured places. As a bait use crude or boiled vegetative products, the most various seeds, oil cakes and shroty, the rests from processing of technical and other cultures - a word, everything that is the approaching. To a bait add the crushed water and land vegetation. Pikormkoj cabbage leaves, a nettle, rogoz, strelolist, a duckweed can serve. And as elodeju, pulp of a water-melon, cucumbers, a cherry. From products of an animal origin for prikormki use boiled blood of animals, boenskie a waste, mjasokostnuju and a fish flour etc.

The Bait at first mix, then dilute with water so that it was strong, not collapsing. It or scatter from coast, or lower (throw) in water in special feeding troughs from a boat or coast. The bait for deep-water fishes should sink and already at the bottom gradually razmokat, for riding fishes - to float and, razmokaja, gradually to fall on a bottom.

Some fishers that top dressing was spent more slowly, mix it with clay and the big spheres send on a bottom, to a fishing place. Other fishers, especially during winter time, use for privady instead of valuable products usual river sand which prepare since summer. Before zasypkoj in lunku sand in advance calcinated on a frying pan impregnate with vegetable oil. It extends a smell and involves fish. A good bait, especially at catching from a boat, can serve green dernina which cut ashore. Derninu overturn and put on it a handful of small hearts which quickly disappear in the earth. Then derninu throw on a bottom or in an economic grid on a cord lower in water, leaving in a hover. From derniny the earth is showered, the hearts creep out, all it involves fish. In the winter, leaving from fishing, it is possible for the night for safety motylja to lower it in fastened gauze or other not so dense sack in water. Double benefit turns out, remains motyl and simultaneously it serves as an excellent bait that provides next day a good biting. In the winter also in lunku throw an oil cake, crumbs of crackers which, slowly falling, involve fish.

As an effective winter bait use original bouquets from a dry hemp, a nettle, mint, fennel, a tall weeds or branches. To the basis of such bouquet adhere cargo-anchor. All this construction lower in lunku on a reservoir bottom. Near such artificial bush at the bottom fish always keeps. If besides this place to lure, will be here constantly provided good ulovy, and here it will be possible to go on fishing all the winter long.

From all baits fish is involved most of all with odorous food: vegetable oils, the vanilla sugar, the steamed out grains, fresh bread. However it is necessary to remember that in a considerable quantity the bait not only involves, but also frightens off fish. Hence, to add oils it is possible a little - one, two drops. Odorous spices are necessary for mixing with odourless products. Anisic oil gives bolshy effect, adding in a bait, instead of in a nozzle. In a nozzle it is possible to add sunflower-seed oil with a small amount of anisic drops. Some fishers are convinced that the valerian also allures fish. Also it is absolutely precisely established that fish is involved very much with a nozzle of red and other bright colours. To receive such nozzle, grains of wheat, corn or something need to be placed another for some time in juice of the boiled beet.

Fishers-fans cook for a bait corn porridge - mamalygu, and also muckworms, zhivtsov and motylej. Certainly, kinds of nozzles much more. However not all know, as well as of what them to do and where to extract. Data on some nozzles are more low resulted.