phytogenesis Nozzles

Mamalyga . Prepare it differently. At those who has no experience of its preparation, it can turn out dry, not-steamed out or very liquid. Before to cook porridge, it is necessary to define, how many mamalygi it is necessary for fishing. For catching of one donkoj for the evening the flour welded from a glass will suffice mamalygi.

Take two glasses of water, lead up to boiling and, continuously stirring slowly, pour into water a flour. Mamalygu add some salt, but it is possible to manage and without salt. When porridge will be boiled thoroughly and will strongly thicken, kastrjulku remove from a plate and spread mamalygu on a plate or a towel. Some time it maintain in such kind that from it the liquid has evaporated. Houses or ashore in mamalygu for bolshego effect it is possible to add sunflower-seed oil or a vanilla powder. On mamalygu without additives peck leshch, small fry, rybets, a crucian and other fishes. The vanilla additive improves a biting leshcha, small fry, and the additive of sunflower or other vegetable oil - a carp, a crucian. As the additive to mamalyge and to other porridges it is possible to use oil cake crumbs. A hook obleplivajut porridge, having given it a pea or droplet kind.

the Corn , preserved or young, also is used as a nozzle. The tinned corn can be applied without processing. Young corn cook directly in an ear. Dry cook to readiness, long steaming out. Nasazhivajut on a hook on one and more grains, hiding a hook edge in grain.

Bread . Directly ashore moisten with water a piece of bread and well knead before reception of sticky weight. The same as also various porridges, it is possible to mix bread with the same additives. On bread are caught leshch, small fry, krasnoperka and other fish. On a white loaf, there is a silver crucian. On grey bread - a crucian, with the sunflower-seed oil additive - a carp. On black bread - the crucian, a carp, a mirror carp and other fishes well peck. A hook either obleplivajut bread, or nasazhivajut on it grain katysh.

the Dough from rye and wheat flour prepare differently. Some fishers use the dough for sunflower or other vegetable oil. There are also other recipes. Wheat flour get mixed up on water, wash out under a stream of water from the crane until there will be one klejkovina. Then this klejkovinu flavour with sunflower-seed oil. Such nozzle well keeps on a hook, on it carps are caught. Of the test do kletski-katyshki which make in abrupt boiled water. On such nozzle well there is a carp, a crucian and other fishes.

Peas . Prepare and use the same as also corn. Dry peas very long steam out.

Oat-flakes (ovsjanye flakes). Boil in boiling milk, then slightly roast on a frying pan greased with sunflower-seed oil. Are caught leshch, small fry, krasnoperka, gustera and other fishes.

Corn-flakes use the same as and ovsjanye. It is possible to prepare them and most. For this purpose on a frying pan with sunflower-seed oil fry corn grains before their transformation into flakes. Then flakes boil in milk to their softening. Ashore a hook with a nozzle lower in sunflower-seed oil.

Grains of other cereals . As a nozzle use the steamed out grains of wheat, an oats, barley, rice or large grains of other cereals, for example, beans, lentils.

the Cream of wheat and others . Cook the same as and mamalygu, to necessary density and glutinosity. Use with additives and without them. On a cream of wheat various peace fish pecks.

the Potato . Old and especially young potato is used basically for catching of a carp on ground fishing tackles. Boil in salty water in "uniform". It is better not to cook longer nearly: well boiled thoroughly potato is scattered and does not keep on a hook. A potato knead, adding in it bread and various porridges. On such nozzle it is well caught not only a carp, but also other fish.

Nozzles from various fruit and vegetable cultures . On them the most various are caught peace, and even predatory fishes. For nozzles use slices of the soft well boiled thoroughly cabbage leaves, boiled carrots, a melon, a pumpkin, parenuju turnip, a swede. And as vegetable marrows, fresh pulp of water-melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, and also a strawberry, a raspberry, a cherry, etc.

Nozzles for cupids and silver carps . Meets in reservoirs and a black cupid. It can be caught on worms, meat of mussels, cockleshells, slugs, cancers and another. But the white cupid is more widespread. It eats the higher vegetation. The nozzle problem can be solved directly ashore. For this purpose it is necessary to pull out a cane or other water plant and to cut off a slice of the softest bottom part. The hook on donke should be big, a lead - too. The white cupid pecks on pulp of a tomato, a water-melon, a cucumber, young corn, a green peas. And as on nozzles from various porridges in a mix with an oil cake, on mashed potatoes from peas, beans, string beans, lentils etc. It is caught and on worms, especially in reservoirs, where poorly water vegetation, on mixed fodder, which by means of a thin rubber ringlet from a medical pipette krepjat to a hook. An indispensable condition at catching of a cupid and a silver carp is the silence: the slightest noise frightens off them. It is necessary to catch in feeding places. Practice has shown that fish during the most different time pecks: in the morning nazare, in the afternoon and in the evening, in a silent moonlight night.

Motley and white silver carps eat almost same food - seaweed . However at a lack of a reservoir of this food get used and to other forage. Are caught on worms, mixed fodder, an oil cake, corn porridge and others, and also on slices of soft parts of water vegetation.