Nozzles of an animal origin

Zhivets . She is small weed fish. Catch poplavochnoj a fishing tackle, melkojacheistoj a grid-lift or melkojacheistym a net. The maljavochnik-lift from melkojacheistoj grids becomes. It is on sale in shops, has the size 1х1 m. Some fishers do krestovinu, to which on hinges or razemno krepjat four spokes of a wire in diameter about 6 mm. Spokes slightly bend and by their ends tie up grid corners. In working position the grid is stretched and lies at the bottom, and over it the dome-shaped skeleton from krestoviny and spokes towers. K krestovine adhere a cord in length about in half-metre. To a cord the pole with which help the lift lower fastens and lift. This kind of the lift is very extended. But it has a lack: its bulkiness.

Other design which differs in small weight and portability Is applied also and in the collected kind finds room in a standard cover for the fishing tackles, sold in shops, together with bolsherazmernym melkojacheistym a net for malkov, poplavochnoj a fishing tackle and spinningovym a fishing-rod. On assemblage of such lift leaves two-three minutes. It from melkojacheistoj grids in the size 1х1 m. On grid perimetre consists wire cores in diameter of 0,5 mm are located. Two opposite corners of cores are connected sharnirno, others two at assemblage fasten end-to-end boltikami. Four slings in length depart From grid corners on 70 Slings see converge in knot and fasten to the small lock. The dural pole in diameter joins the lock of 25 26 mm. The pole consists of two parts. Length of everyone - 1,2 m. insert One part into another. The free ends of each part of a pole are hammered by stoppers and filled in by waterproof glue. Thanks to it the pole does not sink, and floats and stretches lift slings. Tubes for a pole can be and smaller diameter (for example, aluminium ski sticks).

In the lift put the crumb of bread flavoured with sunflower-seed oil, an oil cake and other baits. Malkov hold in the special corfs made of buckets, banok with apertures for inflow of fresh water. These corfs put in water at coast. In shops very good easy corfs, two-piece, entering one in another now are on sale. The first is a plastic flask-bucket into which at carrying over the mesh flask with a cover is from place to place inserted. In water put only a mesh part with malkami.



Malkov nasazhivajut on a hook under the first beam of a back fin. During winter time when malka to extract difficultly, some fishers, especially at catching on a current, use frozen mojvu or other trifle. At cutting of fish giblets should not be thrown out: on them the perch and other fish is well caught. If a boiled fish fillet to mix with bread or the dough the good nozzle for the most different fishes will turn out.

the Worm - the most known nozzle, suitable practically for all fishes. Use manure, earthen white, hearts - vypolzkov and other kinds. The best nozzle - red manure. It is found in old manure near horned cattle farms, in the old rotted through straw, on dust dumps. The white worm lives everywhere in the earth.

All hearts are hardy enough. Within days or two hearts it is possible to store in any bank which is closed by a cover with small apertures. If to bank for the night to leave open, hearts can creep out. It is impossible for bank to leave with hearts in the afternoon right in the sun - hearts will quickly be lost. If in bank to put a moss, hearts will remain is better and longer, will be mobile. There is necessity to store no hearts in the summer, them is better to prepare each time directly ahead of fishing. For long storage of hearts wash out cold water and put in pure flower neglazurovannyj a clay pot together with the washed out and wrung out moss. Thus a pot fasten a gauze or cover with apertures. Worms periodically feed up a meat broth, and also a coffee deposit. A moss of times in a month change. Worms for the winter prepare in the autumn. Store in a wooden box in the size 1х1 m. and height of walls, approximately 30 see Then somewhere in a secluded place in a shade of bushes or trees, near walls of the house, garage dig a hole on the size of this box. Lower in it a box which from within is upholstered or covered by a polyethylene film that hearts could not leave in a ground. If in this box place usual earthworms it fall asleep a ground rich with humus. If manure - that prepare the corresponding manure compost taken from a place kopki of hearts. Hearts should be fed up a grated crude potato, a ground - to humidify with water, unsalted or slabosolenym the meat broth cooled by tea infusion. A box it is necessary to fall asleep leaves, old straw, it is possible to close a polyethylene film. Hearts then will keep in the top layer of the earth under most, a film and them it will be easy to collect. For the winter "nursery" should be warmed well, hearts remain, are live till next spring. However, such box can be established in a shed, a house cellar, in garage, other premise, and for the lack of those - in kladovkah or on balconies, something thus a box having warmed. In the winter in a strong frost hearts in water grow numb and lose appeal to fish. In that case it is better to use the green worms extracted during winter time from under hummocks, in places where the stream runs into a reservoir, or in nonfreezing coastal spring places.

Water inhabitants . To each fisher using as nozzles of water insects and larvae, it is necessary to know their specific structure, places where they live, recurrence of a life, start time etc.