Nozzles of an animal origin

To Store oparyshej it is necessary at temperature not more low 9°С though some fishers store in their winter in a bucket with dry sand and at lower temperature. Before use it is enough to place larvae in a warm place - and they will revive.

To Deduce oparyshi it is possible all-the-year-round in house conditions, using thus room flies. It is enough to have a corf for the maintenance matochnogo a plenty of adult flies and ware for larvae. At accurate conducting business a lot of place is not required - the small shelf will suffice. The main thing - it is necessary to maintain temperature of air in a room 20-30°С. At lower temperature the conclusion of larvae will be tightened, at more heat - will be accelerated. In some cases use a portable bulb for additional periodic (depending on a cycle) heating.


the Grasshopper

Each fly postpones at once 500-600 eggs. As the arrived flies can be infected by any bacteria, they cannot be caught and put in a corf as manufacturers. It is necessary to take the eggs postponed by them and to transfer on a sterile substratum. Get divorced they can on various decaying substrata of a vegetative or animal origin. Bran, porridge, the grain crusts moistened with kvass or dissolved yeast suit for this purpose zaparennye. Larvae grow up in various ware. It is possible to make a special incubator from melkojacheistoj grids that flies did not take off from it. The case do of several moving boxes - floors. But it is possible to grow up and in the ordinary glass one-litre jars filled to half with small shavings, preliminary boiled during 30-40 minutes and then moistened in milk. The bank can transfer to everyone from a substratum to 1000 eggs.

All "know-how" consists further in periodic survey of larvae and wetting of shavings by milk. In a week the largest larvae need to be selected and put for okuklivanija in separate to bank with the humidified sand. Dolls are necessary for vosproizodstva matochnogo a plenty of flies. To contain flies it is possible in any cage fitted melkojacheistoj by a synthetic grid, a tulle or a gauze. It is possible to arrange a convenient corf from posylochnogo a box, having closed one of the parties a gauze. In one of walls it is necessary to make a window with the gauze sleeve attached to it. Through such sleeve all works in a corf are made: the forage is given, the substratum is brought, gathering of eggs and other is made. It is possible to contain in a corf of about 600 pairs flies. They for days postpone to 1,6 g eggs from which it is possible to deduce 200-300 g oparysha.

Flies feed up milk and a five-percentage solution of sugar which pour in special sockets and that flies did not sink, put there tampons from a gauze or a filtering paper. There live flies of 20-30 days then perish. Instead of the lost flies it is necessary to enclose in a box of dolls.

Such way of deducing oparyshej is quite hygienic and will not cause objections in members of a family of the fisher. Some fishers before catching wash out oparyshej in a solution of a detergent powder "Lotus", and then - in pure water. After washing them put in a box and pour breadcrumbs or a flour. Other fishers tint oparyshej various food dyes in yellow, pink red or green colour that, in their opinion, strongly increases number poklevok. Nasazhivajut oparysha on a hook, as well as motylja, under a head or passing a hook under a skin with utolshchennoj a back part. On a hook they keep long. Are caught basically from family karpovyh fishes.

Vesnjanka and its larva

Vesnjanka and its larva

Flies, grasshoppers, butterflies, bugs, other flying both creeping insects and larvae . All of them are widely used as a nozzle. So, on flies, field crickets, cockroaches, caterpillars, butterflies, bugs are well caught a chub, chehon, small fry, leshch, a carp, verhovka. Larvae of some butterflies winter in baskets of burdocks, in hollow stalks of plants, including in corn stalks. On a hook nasazhivajut under a head on one or on neskolku pieces. To catch jumping and flying insects it is necessary a gauze net, to contain - in boxes with a grass.

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