Nozzles of an animal origin

the Larva of a bug of the man with a big moustache

the Larva of a bug of the man with a big moustache

the Larva of a bug-koroeda - large pinkish colour a worm. Lives under a bark of trees, in stubs or old birch fire wood. The carp, a tench, leshch, other fishes is caught.

In some books recommend to apply as a nozzle a wood ant and its egg . Do not follow this advice! The red wood ant is under protection of the person: it - its true assistant in struggle against wood wreckers. Therefore preserve ants, do not ruin ant hills.

In the nature, besides ants, there is a large quantity of useful insects and almost all of them can be used at this or that stage of development as a nozzle at fishing as on the bank of the fisher in these questions nobody supervises. Therefore it is necessary for each fisher to know the biological nature of various kinds of insects and to learn to distinguish useful, from harmful insects. It will allow to approach selectively to preparation of insects and their larvae for a nozzle and not only not to harm to the nature, but also to promote preservation and augmentation of its riches.

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