Spawning of fishes

The Majority of fishes in ponds nerestitsja. Therefore from the very beginning it is necessary to think of creation of conditions, and, not only for the process of spawning, but also for future malkov. Small, well warmed up sites of a reservoir with water vegetation For this purpose suit. There fishes otnerestjatsja, malki will find to themselves a refuge and a forage.

For some kinds of fishes it is necessary to create "cosy" places with galechnym or a sand bottom, for others it is important, as we have noted, the shoal which has grown not with simply water vegetation, and its certain kinds. Perches and pike perches can create artificial nests.

Under natural conditions fish nerestitsja, basically, in the spring and in first half of summer at sufficient warming up of water. Each kind has for this purpose a term. In a small pond where also water gets warm, and where in general absolutely other conditions earlier, fishes can nerestitsja in other terms.

We Will result only some average temperatures at which various kinds of fishes begin nerestitsja. These terms in each specific case should be noticed, remembered, written down. So, before everything, under ice, the pike starts to throw caviar, the water temperature happens at this time 3-6°С, podust caviar throws at temperature 6, small fry and a perch - at 8, leshch - at 12-13, a bleak - at 15-16, gustera - at 16-17, a chub and a crucian - at 17-18, krasnoperka - at 18, a tench - at 19, a sazan, chehon, a carp, a pike perch - at 18-20°С.

At certain skills it is possible to master and spend artificial spawning - selection at fishes of caviar, molok, their hashing and release to a reservoir. However, concerning artificial ryborazvedenija now there is also a lot of a special and popular literature. Besides, it is possible to consult and in nearby rybhoze or ryborazvodnoj stations.

Each fish breeder should remember that at once after spawning of fish start to eat strenuously. Therefore also it is necessary to provide them with a corresponding forage and in enough.

And, at last, last question: as well as than, to fish in a co-operative or house pond? If it is necessary to catch some crucians on an ear is better to charge, it to make to the children, it it delivers pleasure. The fishing tackle suits such catching ordinary poplavochnaja. If there was any other necessity quickly and in a considerable quantity to catch fish it is possible to use the lift from a grid with small or large jacheej. The fish-trap also made of a grid will not prevent in an economy. It is possible most to make and other lift. It is an umbrella-cape of a design of T.T.Soloveva. In the centre the umbrella is supplied by spring or a rubber ring which in water move apart spokes in the parties then the grid is spread on a bottom. At lifting a scaffold which is passing through jachei, have put also rings on the ends of spokes, the lift pulls together and fish hangs in a grid. Such umbrella not only catches live fishes, but also selects from a bottom of victims. It is important, if in a reservoir there are no cancers. Umbrella it is possible to fish both in the summer, and in the winter. However, fish breeders and fishers in each specific case will understand than and how to fish. The main thing that this fish was, much.