Okolovodnye of a bird

the Grey duck

the Grey duck

Eating fishes, birds-ihtiofagi , of course, in some measure harm to fish culture. But it is necessary to consider that the majority of them basically catch sick, snulyh or invaluable fishes, carrying out thereby a role of hospital attendants. Birds to a certain extent also are engaged in moving of fishes on reservoirs. Caviar of fishes freely floating in water sticks to feathers and pads of ducks and is transferred by them on other reservoirs. The part of this caviar remains viable, and from it are deduced malki. Approximately in the same way waterfowls extend seeds of plants and water organisms.


the Bald-coot

These lines are written not to give the exhaustive information on birds, and to show that in the nature all is interconnected and that if we do not make thrifty use of fauna surrounding us the nature by all means something will lose, in something becomes considerable more poorly.

To Speak about a solicitous attitude to waterfowls, however, as well as to all birds, it is necessary. It is necessary! Now on the earth remains places where birds could lodge, find in safety to themselves food ever less, to give a life to posterity. Many of them nowadays are on the verge of a total disappearance. Some in this connection are taken under the state protection and are brought in the Red book.

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