Okolovodnye of a bird


the Teal

These are waterfowls: kazarka krasnozobaja, a goose black, krohal scaly, peganka hohlataja, kazarka beloshchekaja, a goose-suhonos, a goose-beloshej, a teal-marble , mandarinka, savka. Besides, on eight kinds of other birds hunting also practically is everywhere forbidden: a swan-klikun, a swan-shipun, a goose white, and as - kazarka black, an eider ordinary, an eider - grebenushka, an eider ochkovaja, an eider small.


the Heron

We should preserve in every possible way as okolovodnyh, and in general all birds and not only because they give to us aesthetic pleasure, but also proceeding from the decision of a general, global problem of wildlife management. In this connection it is necessary to underline once again that to protection are subject not only rare copies avifauny for presently the majority of representatives of an animal and flora can be carried to quickly or slowly disappearing.



Processes of industrial and agricultural development of ground, wood and water grounds it is irreversible are accelerated. It conducts to disappearance of natural habitats of many kinds of wild animals. Today not only old residents, but also young our contemporaries well remember those times when the great variety of swans, geese, ducks, pelicans was found in thickets of numerous streams and rivulets, kolpits, cormorants, karavaek, herons and many other birds. But from those times there were only one memoirs: bogs, pojmy and plavni are drained, the quantity of birds was sharply reduced. Some of them can be met now only during flight. And others at all did not become.

Here also it would be desirable to call: let's use our best efforts, that natatorial and okolovodnyh birds became not less, and more and more.

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