the Parasitic diseases dangerous to the fisher

Nowadays the science knows over 100 thousand kinds of parasitic hearts-gelmintov. Among them is flat, roundworms, koljuchegolovye, or skrebni, and annelidy. Type of flat worms concern tsestody, or tape-worms, and also trematody, or sosalshchiki. The type of roundworms consists only of one extensive class - nematod. In an organism, the person from these two types parasitize over 250 kinds. Hearts parasitizing in a human body happen the most various sizes - microscopic and such which reach lengths of 10 and more metres. They select places of the dwelling the most different bodies of the person. So, bull and pork tsepni, wide lentets and askaridy parasitize in the top department of a small intestine, dwarfish tsepen - in its bottom third, vlasoglav - in a thick gut. Others gelminty at these or those stages of the development change habitats. For example, the larva ehinokokka, more often parasitizing in a liver, can live also in lungs, kidneys, the central nervous system, in genitals, eyes, muscles both other fabrics and bodies. Some hearts during all cycle of development change not only habitats, but also owners of these places. Duration parazitirovanija various gelmintov in a human body also is various: ostritsy parasitize - no more month, askaridy - year, lentetsy and tsepni - till 25 and more years. Hearts parasitizing in a human body eat kidneys, the liver, a brain, other fabrics and by that put out of action many bodies of the person, undermine their vital signs and necessary working capacity that in some cases conducts to sharp reduction of human life.

As the person very often catches gelmintami, being in water, - during fishing, bathing, and also from fish the given section will be useful for reading to any person for each person can be infected by those or other parasites. We will consider in this connection some kinds of parasitic diseases and ways of their preventive maintenance.