the Good advice

The Prolonged part of a scaffold above a float usually clings to a grass, korjazhnik, floating seaweed and prevents to cut fish. The scaffold will float on a water surface if it to grease with fat or firm ski ointment.

Fishermen have noticed for a long time that crucians are not indifferent to a smell palyonogo horns, and successfully apply this bait. podpalennogo horns podgruzhajut lead and on a cord throw a piece in water. When the smell from visited how much time in horn water considerably weakens, it again podpalivajut, without burning through, and thus one piece as the inexhaustible bait, will suffice for all season of catching.

The Spoon of seeds of sunflower should be roasted on a frying pan and twice to pass through a meat grinder (it is possible istoloch in a mortar). Then it is necessary to take a slice of pulp of a white loaf and too to pass through a meat grinder, together with a powder made of seeds of sunflower. Through meat grinder apertures the sticky mix in the form of macaroni will be squeezed out. On fishing from makaronin separate slices and nasazhivajut on a hook. That the nozzle did not dry up and was not rumpled, it should be poured the same powder and to hold in a paper package.

Zhivtsov of ruffs and perches it is impossible to store in a corf together with other fishes. Ershovaja slime poisons the others, and perches damage their needles.

After catching it is necessary to wash off the fish slime from a grid podsachka, differently slime will decay. The grid can also produbit - be soaked in warm broth of an oak bark. After such operation it becomes stronger and will be painted.

The Skin of a ruff is plentifully covered by slime. It is easy for removing if to put this fish for 15 minutes in the warm, strongly added some salt water.

Sometimes it is necessary to lull quickly the caught large fish urgently to clean. A simple way - infringement of knots of nervous system. At karpovyh fishes strongly to press a finger on an occipital part of a head.