Different signs

If the natatorial and marsh game has begun early flight from northern areas, the autumn will be short, winter early. Frogs hum - on a rain, loudly shout - to a bucket, are silent - before a cold snap. Ravens raskarkalis all flight - to a frost, suited in the sky a round dance - by snow, sit on the earth - to thaw, settle on the bottom branches - to a wind.

Flying weather Signs.

The Deaf thunder - to a small rain, booming - to a downpour.

The Rain which has begun since midday, will go till the evening.

Strong dew - to a bucket, is not present some dew - by a rain.

If from a rain on water vials are formed - the rain will be long.

If the incessant rain has started to amplify, wait for fast weather changing.

If after a strong rain the sky quickly clears up, wait for a following rain.

In hot and dry weather as harbingers of a storm rain cumulus clouds serve high, similar to mountains.

The Rain which has begun large drops, long does not happen.

If it is damp and stuffy at warm summer night - to be to a thunder-storm in the afternoon.

Soars, soars - then the rain will strike.

The rain at dawn Has gone - will early cease.

Stars bright - to good weather, dim - by a rain.

If after a rain water becomes warm, wait still for a rain.

The Wind flies quickly and sharply from outside approaching clouds - to be to a torrential rain.

Clouds go against a wind - to deposits.

The Western wind brings a rain.

In the Summer morning a small rain - in the afternoon good weather.

All panorama to horizon is tightened dymkoj - to steady solar weather.