Different signs

If continuous low overcast is replaced by high overcast with gleams in clouds - weather will improve.

Coals in a fire quickly decay and become covered by ashes - to a fair weather without any precipitations.

The Decline yellow, golden or pink - will be good weather.

Whirlwinds the screw - to a bucket.

Clouds rare - it will be clear and cold.

The Night fog in lowlands - to good weather.

The Evening rainbow - to a bucket.

If soars in the afternoon, and it is stuffy in the evening - there will be an unstable weather.

If after a strong rain it becomes warm, the earth soars and there is a drizzle, the bad weather will proceed.

Heavy cumulus clouds go low - to a bad weather, is high - to a bucket.

If in the morning night dew long does not dry up, good weather can be replaced with unstable weather. A rain without a wind - to a long bad weather.

Northern gusty wind after rainy weather - the bad companion of the fisher.

The Thunder rattles long and not sharply - to a bad weather if abruptly and shortly - it will be clear.

The Smoke steletsja by the ground, audibility good - rainy weather will proceed.

If the day wind does not cease by the night - wait for a cyclone.

At a sunset clouds from the north - to a wind approach.

Clouds fall - there will be a bad weather.

There was no dew at Night, in lowland it is not visible a fog - to rainy weather.

If air temperature decreases sharply - wait for a bad weather.

Salt and tobacco dampen - to a bad weather.

The Evening dawn red - to a wind.

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