Different signs

Before a storm water darkens.

The Rain and the sun - to a bad weather.

Signs of winter weather.

If ice strongly cracks, - expect frost continuation.

If glasses at a double glazing start to sweat, frosts will amplify.

Fast thaw - a long frost.

Clear krutorogaja the moon - to an icy cold.

The Haze round the sun and the moon - to blizzards and frosts.

The Smoke streams from a pipe or from a fire a column - to a frost.

"Ear rings" at the moon - to snowstorm and a frost.

The Snow snow-storm foretells a frost for the night in the afternoon.

The Clear sky - to a frost.

The Thunder-storm in the winter - to strong winds and the big frost.

The Sun ascends scarlet and at a scarlet dawn - to a blizzard.

The Foggy circle about the sun - to blizzards.

The Sun comes into clouds - to a snowfall.

Hoarfrost - a snow harbinger.

If snow stops in the afternoon or by the evening, and the sky does not clear up, next day again wait for snow.

If there was a hoarfrost, in the afternoon snow will not go at night.

Hoarfrost - to dry and a fair weather.

If since the evening there was a fog, and then has quickly disappeared, frosts will not be.

Red coal in a fire - to a frost, white - to thaw.

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