Different signs

Snow flakes become large - there will be a thaw.

Water acts on ice - to thaw.

Expect thaw if during a frost wood has rustled.

Strong snow at night or in the morning at a light breeze or during a calm - to solar weather at midday.

Air over wood has turned blue - will be warm.

Signs of seasons.

Spring . If snow drops out early also the spring will be early in the autumn. The beginning of February serene - wait spring early, nice. If the first thunder bursts: at a north - to cold spring, at east wind - to dry and warm, at southern - to warm weather. If in January - March, be afraid in March of January.

Summer . If the lightning in the early spring sparkles, and the thunder is not present - the summer will be dry. January dry and ice cold - to be to hot summer. It is a lot of hoarfrost - in the summer a lot of dew in the winter. If in the beginning of winter there was a strong snow in the beginning of summer the strong rain will go. Water in January decreases in the rivers - wait for dry and hot summer.

Autumn . A thunder-storm in August - to long autumn. If it is foggy and warmly, in air the long web flies - there will be a warm autumn and not fast snow.

Winter . If it is a lot of nuts, and it is not enough mushrooms - the winter will be snow and severe. If hot July December will be frosty. Late blossoming of a mountain ash - to be to long winter. The October thunder - will be winter snowless. At a poor harvest of fur-tree and pine cones - the winter severe does not happen. If a leaf fall rough it is necessary to expect severe winter. If in second half of September leaves of an aspen a face sheet upwards - to ice cold winter, up a wrong side - to warm winter, and so - to moderated. The fruitful summer foretells cold winter. The big ant small groups foretell cold winter. A peel on bulbs thin - winter soft, thick and rough - winter severe. Summer rainy - winter snow, frosty. Summer dry, hot - winter malosnezhnaja, frosty. Crude summer and warm autumn - to long winter. A late leaf fall - to severe and long winter. The more chilly and more warmly September and the beginning of October, the later will come winter.

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