Fish from the kitchen garden

For personal and collective consumption on personal plots, in sadovo-country and other associations, in part-time farms, receive such traditional products of agriculture and animal industries as vegetables, fruit, grows up cattle, a bird, plant bees. And quite another matter that in this or that rural family is priusadebnyj a pond that the enterprise or association on an unsuitable site for an agricultural production has created a pond and grows up fish.

Sometimes bring an attention to the question: favourably or it is unprofitable to sadovo-country co-operative society, to the industrial enterprise or the individual fan to build in ravines, open-cast mines, others neudobjah or on a personal plot ponds. But, it appears, will consider more correctly losses at nature destruction, instead of in the course of its restoration. As to notorious unprofitability it depends on business statement.

At the competent and thoughtful decision of this question the part-time farm, including the same pond constructed by any one family in a nearby hole or a ravine or on other neudobe, can turn to commodity manufacture. And a way to it not such difficult or long. The problem decision - in an intensification of fish manufacture. Experience of industrial cultivation and cultivation of commodity fish on an intensive basis shows that co-operative or other pond can quite be profitable. The pond constructed on neudobjah by sadovo-country co-operative society, and the industrial enterprise as a part-time farm, without any doubt, will create more favorable conditions for rest of people and will give additional delikatesnuju an increase to their table.

And except everything, besides purely practical, a business material aspect, it is necessary to consider and aesthetic. Rare water plants blossom on artly issued reservoir: graceful white lilies, water-lilies, rogoz, air, even - a cane... Through a pond will throw the bridge conducting to an arbour which has disappeared under a branchy weeping willow. In a pond full crucians float, small small fishes frolic, sufficing insects falling in water... In a word, near by the finest corner - rejoice and enjoy.