Family chukuchanovyh

the Family chukuchanovyh includes 12 sorts and 58 kinds of fish. Is found in vnutrennyh waters from Siberia to Alaska.


Macrostomatous buffalo, or a buffalo . Fresh-water fish. There are individuals in length to 120 sm and weight 45 kg. Usual length of 40-45 sm, weight - 1,5 kg. Molod eats rachkami, godoviki consume water bugs, ostrakod, the phytoplankton is more rare. In advanced age fish prefers a zooplankton, from benticheskih animals - larvae hironomid and Crustacea. In ponds actively consumes mixed fodders. Keeps flight in thickness of water. The most fast-growing kind of fishes, prefers the rivers and does not meet in salty waters. Ripens on 3 year of a life. Spawning from first half of March till the end of summer at a water temperature +14,4-16,7 degrees. Caviar postpones for plants.

Malorotyj buffalo . The length reaches 90 sm, weight - 18 kg. Malorotyj buffalo on food value above, but grows much more slowly macrostomatous buffalo. Puberty - on 3-4 year of a life. Segoletki quickly pass to a food zoobentosom. Eats ground organisms, larvae hironomid, intensively consume mixed fodders.

Black buffalo . Length - 65 sm, weight - 7 and more kg. Eats ground organisms. Willingly eats mixed fodder. Grows faster malorotogo buffalo. Ripens on 4-5 year of a life. During the prespawning period and with fall of a water temperature in the autumn to 15-13 degrees concentrates, keeps flights at a bottom.