Family hariusovyh


Harius . Ordinary harius is found in the rivers of Europe. In pools of the rivers of Danube, Dnepr, Volga and Ural Mountains. Harius reaches weights of 3 kg, lengths - 0,5 m. of Harius - omnivorous fish, prefers air insects, larvae ruchejnikov, podyonok, and also molluscs and others bespozvonochnyh. Large individuals hishchnichajut. Lake hariusy have weight of 2 kg. Age limit - 10-11 years. Maturing of males 3-4 years, females - 4-5 years. Spawning occurs in May-June, depending on a water temperature. Duration of spawning - about 7 days, more often 1-2 days. As nozzles use a worm, insects and artificial front sights.