Family karpovyh

the Cupid white

the Cupid white . Fresh-water fish. Length - to 120 sm, weight - to 32 kg. At a vegetation lack can pass to a food by mixed fodders. Larvae eat Crustacea, larvae hironomid, seaweed, adult individuals - the higher vegetation.

the Cupid black

the Cupid black . Length - to 120 sm, weight - to 36 kg. Eats basically molluscs, a zooplankton, then larvae hironomid. She is the unique large Amur fish eating bentosom. Puberty comes in 6-8 years. Possesses high flavouring and food qualities.


Beloglazka . Length - 30 sm, weight - about 1 kg. Eats hearts, larvae of insects, molluscs, seaweed. Catch on a worm, porridge.


Bystrjanka . The length - to 13 sm, weight - about 10 Eats a zooplankton and insects. Catch on a worm, motylja, oparysha, flies, grasshoppers.