Family karpovyh


Verhovka . The length - to 9 sm, weight - till 10 Eats planktonic and air insects. Catch poplavochnoj a fishing tackle on a worm, motylja, small grasshoppers and other insects, and also on small balls of bread and mamalygi.


Vyrezub . Not predatory omnivorous fish through passage. Vyrezub it is brought in the Red book. Length - to 70 sm, weight - to 8 kg. Eats molluscs, larvae of insects, Crustacea and seaweed. Catch basically donkami on a worm, a cancer neck, meat perlovits and mussels. The sexual maturity attacks to 4-5 year of a life. Spawning in the spring.


the Chub . Length - to 80 sm, weight - to 4 kg. Omnivorous fish. Catch on nozzles of a vegetative and animal origin.


the Minnow . The length - to 10 sm, weight - till 12 Eats larvae of insects, Crustacea and seaweed. Catch poplavochnymi fishing tackles on a worm, motylja, oparysha, small insects and small balls of bread or mamalygi.

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