Family karpovyh


Gorchak . The length - 3-6 sm, weight - 7 Rastitelnojadnaja fish, eats basically monocelled seaweed. Fish serves as a forage for predatory fishes. Excellent zhivets.


Gustera . The length - to 35 sm, weight - till 400 Eats larvae of insects, molluscs, vegetation. Catch on a worm, motylja, oparysha, bread, porridge.


Yelets . The length - to 30 sm, weight - till 400 Eats a zooplankton, larvae ruchejnikov, insects, caviar of other fishes. It is caught on the most various nozzle.


Zhereh . Length - to 80 sm, weight - to 12 kg. Molod eats water bespozvonochnymi, adult individuals - fish. Catch on zhivtsa, insects, artificial front sights. Prefers flowing water, meets in lakes less often. ZHereh - the typical predator, starts to eat fish before achievement of the sizes of 5 sm (in 2-3 months). Maturing attacks to 4-5 year of a life.

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