Family karpovyh

a crucian gold

the Crucian gold. length - to 40-45 sm, weight - to 3 kg. Eats larvae of insects, molluscs, a zooplankton, hearts, vegetation, detritom. Catch on a worm, motylja, bread. The gold crucian in zailennyh lives, well warmed up reservoirs, is unpretentious and hardy. Being dug in in silt, survives even in quickly drying up reservoirs.

the Crucian serebrjannyj

the Crucian silver . Length - to 40 sm, weight - to 1 kg and more. Eats various food a zooplankton, ground organisms, seaweed. Catch on the most various nozzles. The crucian lives in the rivers with the slowed down current, water basins and lakes. The silver crucian in 3-4 years ripens.


the Carp


the Sazan

the Carp, the Sazan. the Cultural form of a sazan. A carp - fish thermophilic. The best gain gives at a water temperature +20-28 degrees. The weight segoletkov can fluctuate from 15 - 500 g, dvuhletkov - 150-1000 the Carp ripens on 3-4 year of a life. Fish breeders create many breeds of a carp. There are carps scaly, mirror, with an incomplete covering scales and naked, deprived of scales. Now there are many local breeds. The carp is omnivorous, but prefers ground organisms. The sazan lives in fresh and saltish waters. Also it is omnivorous. Length of a carp and a sazan - to 1 m, weight - to 20 kg. Catch on various nozzles.

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