Family karpovyh


Krasnoperka . Length - to 35 sm, weight - to 1,5 kg. Eats basically water vegetation, a phytoplankton, hearts, Crustacea, caviar and molodju fishes. Catch on the most various nozzles.


Leshch . Length - to 50 sm, weight - to 5 kg. Eats Crustacea, molluscs hearts, vegetative food, catch on the most various nozzles. Growth leshcha is most intensive in well warmed up waters.


the Tench . Length - to 60 sm weight - to 7,5 kg. Eats Crustacea, larvae of insects, small molluscs, hearts, vegetation. Catch on a worm, motylja, bread. A tench - valuable prudovaja fish. High quality of meat and unpretentiousness to maintenance conditions have caused expansion is sold this fish for export.


the Gudgeon . Has many subspecies. The length - to 22 sm, weight - till 80 Bentofag, eats basically ground bespozvonochnymi. It is caught on a worm, motylja.

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