Family karpovyh

Small fry

Small fry . Length - to 24 sm weight - to 150. Eats larvae of insects, small molluscs, a zooplankton, nitchatymi seaweed, molodju fishes. It is caught on a worm, oparysha, ruchejnikov, grasshoppers, flies, bread, porridge, seaweed.


Ram . Length - до50 sm, weight - to I kg. Eats the same as also small fry. The same nozzles.


Podust . The length - to 50 see weight - to I kg. Eats seaweed, detritom, willingly eats caviar of fishes. Catch on a worm, motylja, a boiled potato, bread, mamalygu, parenyj peas.


Rybets . The length - to 40 sm, weight - till 800 Bentofag, eats rybets larvae of insects, Crustacea, molluscs, hearts, and also on an oil cake, nozzles from mamalygi with vanilla. Ripens rybets on 3-4 year of a life. nerestitsja at a water temperature +15-20 degrees.

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