Family karpovyh

Man with a big moustache

the Man with a big moustache, miron, or a madder. length - to 85 sm, weight - to 14 kg. Caviar poisonous. Bentofag, eats basically at night larvae of insects, molluscs, hearts, caviar of fishes. Catch on a worm, cheese, beef, cancer necks. Men with a big moustache widespread in the rivers of the south of the country, in riverheads Kuban, and as in pools of the rivers of Dnepr, Dnestr and Danube. The largest - the Aral man with a big moustache, its maximum weight of 22 kg.


Chehon . The length - to 50 sm, weight - till 900 Eats a zooplankton, molodju fishes, air insects. Catch on a worm, motylja, insects.


Shemaja . Fish through passage. The length - to 40 sm, weight - till 600 Eats a plankton, air insects, molodju fishes. Comes across seldom. Nozzles: a worm, insects.


Jaz . Length - to 70 sm, weight - to 8 kg. Eats molluscs, hearts, larvae of insects, seaweed, molodju fishes. JAz meat of molluscs is caught on a worm, larvae of bugs, grasshoppers. And as bread, various porridges is caught on snails, zhivtsa.

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