Family salmon

the Salmon Black Sea, kumzha

the Salmon Black Sea, kumzha , sometimes comes into the rivers on spawning. The length - 30-70 sm, weight - 1-5 kg, but happens and much more. Eats fish and bespozvonochnymi. Its catching is forbidden.

the Danube salmon, tajmen

the Danube salmon, or tajmen . River fish in length of 40 70 sm, weight - 3-5 kg. The predator, eats fish, can eat frogs, small mammals, a waterfowl, water bespozvonochnyh. It is small, it is impossible to catch.

the Trout ruchevaja

the Trout ruchevaja. the Average length of 20-30 sm, weight-150 of 200 Eats fish, frogs and other animals, and also Crustacea, molluscs, hearts, insects. Catch on a worm, zhivtsa, insects and their larvae.

the Trout iridescent

the Trout iridescent . The length of 25-30 sm, weight - Eats 500-1000 Crustacea, molluscs, hearts, insects. Its catching in natural reservoirs is forbidden.