Family minogovyh

the Lamprey Ukrainian

the Lamprey . It ryboobraznoe the water animal who is belonging to the class kruglorotyh. Lamprey larvae - svobodnozhivushchie, and adult individuals generally parasitize on fishes. Lamprey spawning begins in the end of May and lasts to the middle of June at temperature + 12-18 degrees. The length - 20 sm, weight - 10 - Peskorojka - lichinochnaja a lamprey stage - eats 15 small ground organisms, seaweed and vegetative obrastaniem. Adult individuals stick to fishes, eating their blood. Lampreys migrating for spawning do not eat and there live even 7-11 months. Meat edible. It is possible to catch a net in coastal seaweed on sandy and oozy places.