Family okunevyh


the Perch . Length - to 50 sm, weight - to 2 and more kg. Molod eats a zooplankton, passing at length of 11 sm to a food by fish. Catch on zhivtsa, a worm, motylja, larvae of various insects, and also on artificial baits.


the Eel . High quality of meat (the fiber maintenance - 11-17%, fat - 28-32%), unpretentiousness to dwelling conditions. The eel can long time (3-5 days) to live without water, especially in the humidified place in a grass, in water plants. Surprising quality of this fish - possibility to leave a reservoir through low dams to migrate in the rivers and other reservoirs. The usual sizes: the weight - 500-800 g, sometimes over 1 kg, length - 32-72 see the Sexual maturity males reach at length not less than 29 sm, females - 42 see Spawning begins in the early spring (till the summer) at a water temperature not less + 7 degrees. The eel eats ground organisms mainly at night. Intensively eats in summer months - from May till September, is in hibernation in the winter.

Pike perch

the Pike perch . Length to 1 m, weight - to 10 kg. Eats rachkami and fish. Catch on zhivtsa, and also on artificial baits.