Family sturgeon

Representatives of group of the sturgeon fishes, concerning predatory fishes, have an ancient origin. They are fresh-water fishes. Meat and caviar of sturgeon fishes is delikatesnye products which are in great demand, both in Russia, and in the world market.


Beluga . Comes into the rivers on spawning. Reaches lengths of weight of 9 m. - 1,5 t. A predator. On lov belugi the absolute prohibition is imposed.


Bester . belugi (female) and sterlets (male) can reach a hybrid of the big sizes and the big weight though grows slowly. At the age of 10 years length - 120 sm, weight - 14,5 kg. Eats ground animals, willingly eats also an artificial forage. It is artificial gets divorced in fresh-water reservoirs. To catch it meat of molluscs is possible donkami on a worm. Yet is not object of amateur fishery.


the Sturgeon . She is inhabited fresh-water fish. Length-120 sm, weight - 55 kg and more. A sexual maturity the sturgeon reaches at 15-20 summer age. Spawning - in first half of summer (June - July). The omnivorous predator, is capable to eat at a low water temperature. Molod eats bespozvonochnymi, adult individuals - fish and molluscs. On lov a sturgeon the absolute prohibition is imposed.


Sevrjuga . Fish through passage comes into the rivers. Reaches length of 220 sm, weights - 80 kg. Eats molluscs, worms, fish, Crustacea. Its extraction is forbidden.


the Sterlet . Fresh-water fish. Reaches length of 125 sm and weights - 16 kg. The basic forage - larvae of insects eats bespozvonochnymi, but. In reservoirs sterlet extraction is forbidden.


the Thorn . Fish through passage, comes into the rivers. Length - to 2 m, weight - about 50 kg. Eats molluscs and fish. Forms hybrids with belugoj, a sturgeon, sevrjugoj. It is protected by the law. Extraction is completely forbidden.