Family podkamenshchikov or bull-calves - rogatiki


Podkamenshchik . It always keeps under stones, paternal and there was a name - podkamenshchik. He does not love deep places, therefore meets in shoal and at coast. Keeps more alone and it is never noticed at least by small flocks. podkamenshchik brisk, with prickly guards on branchiate covers, therefore it becomes rare someone's extraction. It is gluttonous, eats wood lice, larvae of water bugs and dragonflies, wishes to profit both ljagushechej and the fish caviar, and molodju fishes. The length - 12 sm, weight - Is caught 50 the same as also other bull-calves. nerestitsja podkamenshchik it is unusual. Before spawning which begins in April, the male pulls out a pole in sand under a stone, svom a tail or chest fins. Jealously guards this pole, waiting a female. The female vymyotyvaet the caviar in this pole, the male impregnates this small group, the female departures, and the male remains here and guards germs of 4-5 weeks until all molod will not appear from berries. At this time it bravely protects the nest.