Family somovyh

The Catfish thermophilic predatory fish. The majority of catfishes have tasty malokostistoe the fat and gentle meat having high food value.


the Catfish . Copies in length to 5 m, for weight 300 kg and more are known. A predator eating frogs, fish, natatorial game, various animals. Catch on a worm, meat of molluscs, fish and other.

Channel somik

Channel somik. Object of acclimatisation. Usual length - 50 sm, weight - 2,5 kg. There are individuals to 11 kg. Larvae and malki eat a zooplankton, more adult fishes eat podyonkami, ruchejnikami, hironomidami, molluscs, Crustacea, insects. Catfishes in the size more than 30 sm can eat fish. In reservoirs of the North America reaches length of 1,5 m, weights of 45 kg. She is thermophilic fish, but transfers wintering under ice within 3-4 months. Lives as in fresh-water reservoirs, and poorly salty. The channel catfish ripens for 3-4 year of a life. Spawning occurs in May - June at a water temperature + 25-30 degrees.