Family treskovyh


Nalim . On appearance nalim it is similar to a catfish. A head at it very wide, it is strong pripljushchena, on a chin there is a small short moustache. Eyes small, a mouth wide with a numerous teeth, the top jaw are longer than the bottom jaw. The maximum length - 120 sm, weight-to of 32 kg. Nalim loves cold water with ilovatym both a stony bottom and a slow current. If the water temperature exceeds 15 degrees, it leaves in places more protected from the sun and runs into hibernation, and does not accept food the whole weeks. Favourite its residence - deep key holes, as in flowing lakes, and the rivers. Very seldom meets in warm and muddy waters of the big southern rivers. If the water temperature above 20 degrees, it perishes. Eats at night basically fish and bespozvonochnymi. Catch in a cold season on zhivtsa, cancer necks. Divers catch their hands under stones and snags in the summer.